Mini Ponderosa by Pat Hirst.


I have always loved anything to do with miniatures.

Many years ago I did make a small Ponderosa Ranch house, which
mostly made from stiff cardboard, but I promised myself that one day
I would 
make a bigger Ponderosa ranch house, made out of wood.

I didnt make a start on that promise until about two years ago, which was when
I started my wooden Ponderosa.

I taught myself how to do dolls house wiring, as I wanted to have lights in my
Ponderosa, as a model really comes to life, once it has lights in it.

Now, two years later, my Ponderosa ranch house is complete, lights and all.
There were times when I never thought it would get finished... as there were
more than a few headaches along the way.

I am no carpenter, and only had a small selection of tools, but along with my
mini jigsaw, and mini drill, and tips from the internet,
things got done. I have never cut so much wood in my life!!
Or used so much wood glue.

I did buy some of the furniture and fixtures, plus all the little oil lamps, some
of which I brought on trips to the USA, but as I was trying to copy the home of
our beloved Cartwrights then a lot of the furniture could not be brought, in the
scale I needed, so I made things. I did my best to match the things seen in the

Things had a habit of changing in that well known tv house, as we know, so
I based my model on the later episodes, when they had stopped changing
things around.

My mini Ponderosa is made in 1/12th scale, and stands 9 inches high x 28 inches
deep and almost 6 foot long, on its wooden base.

It takes up a good part of one wall in my spare bedroom.
Below are a selection of just some of my many photos of it.
So, as Ben would say... Welcome to the Ponderosa...


                                                           Welcome to my mini Ponderosa. 
Come on in and let me show you around.

                             Main room is all spick and span, thanks to Hop Sing.


                                            A nice raging fire, so all set for a cozy night in.  


                 Supper is ready and waiting.. now where are those Cartwright men!!!         


                       After a busy day Hop Sing has a nice space of his own.

The Cartwrights wont go hungry, as Hop Sing keeps 
                                                                  a well stocked store room.


                                         Guest room is all ready and waiting. 


                                                                Hop Sings pride and Joy

                       Poor ole Hop Sing spends a fair bit of time in here, with all the washing those
                                                            Cartwright men make for him.
                                                   This gets well used after a day out working on the ranch.
                                                   And by those Cartwright boys, before a Saturday night
                                                                dance in town. Bay Rum at the ready!!
                                                           Not working on the books tonight Ben?
                                             Those hard working Cartwright horses enjoy a relaxing
                                                                time in the nearby paddock
                               Nice place to sit and admire the sunset, on a warm evening.
                          Thank you for visiting my mini Ponderosa.
     Before you go, take a look below at the pictures of the Ponderosa,
                                     all set for Christmas.
                                        Merry Christmas from the Ponderosa.
                                                                      Come inside and get warm.



                                            Cartwright stockings are ready for Santa. Hop Sing has one too.



                              Hop Sing has been cooking up a storm, with a Christmas dinner fit for a king. 
                                                     Its roast pork today, as they had turkey for Thanksgiving.
                                                                                  Hoss will be pleased.



                                                 Ben and the boys have done a great job with the tree
                                                   And it will take quite a while undoing all those gifts.



                                          Hop Sing could well do with a sit down, after all his hard work.
                                    Looks like someone has had a taste of one of the pies.. I wonder who?



                                                            Ben and the boys have been busy here too.
                                                   Who was good at making all the red bows, I wonder?



                             The photos of the boys mothers have pride of place on Bens desk.



                            Looks like Ben and the boys could be having some folks round, as the
                                               punch bowel  is out and ready to be filled.



The view of the main room looking from the staircase end and Bens study area is looking festive too.


                                       The view of the main room looking from the dining room end



                                            Little Joe built the snowman.. think he used Hoss as his model.



                                                     Hope Hop Sing has kept the stove lit in the bath house.



                                                                          A bit chilly to be sitting outside



                                   All the Cartwright horses are out of the paddock and snug in the barn.



                                                          Photo taken from inside the Ponderosa



                                                           Pat looking down on her ponderosa



                               I hope you enjoyed looking at my mini Ponderosa