John and I flew to Las Vegas British Airways and then on to Reno on South West. A lovely
couple from Virginia City met us at the airport and drove us to Carson City. We arrived at the
hotel 3.45 am British time, so once checked in we went straight to bed! We spent
Wednesday recovering and meeting some old friends.

On Thursday was registration and a visit to the Nevada State Legislature, it was interesting to
hear some history of Nevada and Carson City!

On Friday we went on the train from Carson City to Virginia City with a talk on the way,
again interesting to hear the history of the area! Then in the evening there was a fifties theme
and lovely meal.

Saturday was the play and lovely meal again in the evening John was in the play as a cavalry
officer, it was good fun.

All the other bits and pieces were on Sat and Sunday, auction, panel, talent contest, fancy
dress and entertainment!

Monday was a trip to Bodie

Tuesday was a picnic at the Ponderosa and then Kevin and Patty took John and I around
Lake Tahoe.

Wednesday we flew to Las Vegas for 5 days we stayed in a lovely hotel away from the
madding crowd and took a trip to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam.

Extra .........

We did get an email from Cheryl beforehand explaining that the Cruise on the Lake was
cancelled, disappointed but no problem. Mitch spent his two days off work to come to the
roundup and if it cost the cruise it didnt matter, it was kind of him to come. Will not ask for a
refund, if money left over then it will go to charity.

John and I were Michael Dantes wrangler, he and his wife Mary Jane were good fun!

My thanks go to Cheryl for organising another roundup and giving us the opportunity to visit the
area again, meet old friends and make new friends!

Take care


                                 Convention and holiday photos

                                                                                        Virginia City


                                                                               Church in Virginia City


                                                                  Train that took us to Virginia City


                                                                 Wild horses on the way toVirginia City


                            This is the Conductor on the train to VC - he gave a talk on the way up!


                                                                 Waiting for train to Virginia City


                                           Play-Stunt guy Jay Jones was the undertaker


                                                                            Fun one evening at the hotel


                                                                        Gary and Sally


                                                                 Michael Dante and his wife Mary -Jane


                                                                          Arlene with Michael Dante


                                                                                  Mary -Jane with John


                                                       Play-John was a Cavalry Officer


                                        On the left guest Charlotte Stewart, with Becky and Bob


     Michele said the prayer in English and Hebrew, it was good being at the Ponderosa
          on the  anniversary of his death! Beside Michele is the singer Gary Munson!