LA -Bonanza Roundup 
                                  September 2011

                                                                                     By Eva


                            Mark Hollingsworth Band, the Madd Dogs-Mitch joined them

Mark Hollingsworth is a long time friend of Mitch Vogels, they met when Mark was music editor
on Bonanza. It was nice seeing him again, I was his wrangler in 2005..


                                                                                 Mitch sings for us     

Mitch Vogel : Jamie Hunter Cartwright on Bonanza from 1968-1973. Appeared in many great shows
like Gunsmoke, Little House, and many others. Mitch has attended all Bonanza gatherings and is friend
to many, a great guy who is always ready to talk to his fans... an awesome friend. Married to a sweet
girl Chrissy, and has two beautiful daughters.


                                                                      The Walcott Family 

The Walcott Family : Gregory Walcott appeared in seven Bonanza episodes, Death at Dawn, Song in
the Dark (one of my favourites), Amigo, and others, he also appeared in Rawhide, Laramie, Big
Valley and many more great shows .. always nice to see his face appear on the screen. Gregory and
his late wife Barbara attended the Bonanza Friendship Conventions, and was always so welcoming to
his fans. I had the honour of being his wrangler at the Round-up and get to meet his family.. son
Todd, daughters Pamela and Jina, son-in-law Chris, and granddaughters Hailey, Jessica and Ashley, each
of which made sure to make me feel welcome. I told Gregory that he and his family made me feel so
much at home with them, that I think I was now a Walcott.

                                                      Susan McCray and Gregory Walcott 

Susan McCray : worked for Bonanza and The High Chaparral, became casting Director for Little
House, Highway to Heaven and many other shows. A great lady to spend time with, and always
willing to share her stories of friendship with Michael Landon. Susan is married to Kent McCray, I
had the opportunity to have lunch with both of them this past gathering and listen to their great
stories. Susan has started a new business, a perfume line and in 2010 launched her first fragrance.



                           Mitch, Chrissy, Patti (friend of Mitch), Arlene, Rick and Marilyn


                                                                         David Blocker, and yes me    

David Blocker: son of Dan Blocker, our dear Hoss. David is a producer of such shows as Made in
Heaven, Dark Blue and many more. It was such a pleasure to meet David, he was part of the guest
panel -- listening to him speak of his father could only make you smile. I hope to have the chance to
meet this fine man again.

Morgan Woodward and a happy gal
Morgan Woodward: appeared in 8 Bonanza episodes including Death at  Dawn, The Secret, The
Toy Soldier and others; he also appeared in  Gunsmoke, Big Valley, Dallas and many other great
show.  Morgan and Gregory Walcott are long time friends.. during the guest panel with Susan
McCray sitting between them, they kept us in stitches with there teasing ..

                                                                         Michael Dante
   Michael Dante: appeared in the Bonanza episode The Brass Box; also in Big Valley, Star Trek
and many other shows... with some great stories to share with the fans. (I became friends with
both Michael and his wife Mary Jane prior to the Round-up thru phone calls and emails  arranging
for their time with us at the gathering)

                                                  Mariette Hartley and Michael Dante 
Mariette Hartley: appeared in four Bonanza episodes.. Right is the  Fourth R, The Survivors, Is
There any Man Here, The Iron Butterfly; she  also appeared in Gunsmoke, Little House and many
other shows...  Mariette made us laugh many times with stories during the guest panels.


                                                                    Friend B.B. Hudspeth 
 B.B. Hudspeth (Scrappy): Is a master impressionist and keynote  motivational speaker, he
entertains audiences of all ages with past and  present cartoon characters, politicians, cowboys,
movie stars, and  sports figures. I met B.B. at the 2009 Convention, and made myself a new friend.
We have stayed close, and I now feel part of his family, his wife Brooke, his parents and brother
have all made me feel so welcome.


Drew Powell       

  Drew Powell : Actor, was Hoss in the great show The Ponderosa, also appeared in many shows
like CSI, Cold Case, Without a Trace and is now in the new movie Straw Dogs... Drew was part of
the SNAPSHOTS plays (raising money for cancer). I had the great luck to be able to attend the
2011 season as the plays were on while I was in LA! I attended two nights.. when Drew saw me
the show, I got his big smile and hug with Eva, so nice to see you here... I then attended the
after play party with the gang... so special. I walked on the Walk of Fame with Drew Powell. I
consider Drew a friend, as well as his wife Veronica, they are proud parents of little Leo.


                                                                      Matt Carmody and Sandra  

  Matt Carmody : Actor, was Adam in the great show The Ponderosa, also appeared in may shows
like JAG, CSI, Dark Blue and several short video such as Dead Mans Bluff... Matt told me the second night of SNAPSHOTS, that Drew had called him to say I was in town, and that he better show up
Thursday night as I was returning to the show. It was so nice to see Matt again, I also consider Matt a friend.

Sandra McCurdy : Actress, has appeared in CSI, Monk, Las Vegas and many others. She is friends
with Matt, and now friends with me.



                                                                           Scrappy and Mitch                                                                      

                                                    Scrappy (B.B.) and that same girl     



                                                                     Craig White

Craig White: was there because his father in law Ben Cooper was to be a special guest.. Ben
Cooper appeared on two Bonanza episodes The Horse Breaker, Showdown. Ben at last minute could
not join us, but Craig stayed, he dressed the part of the old west and was just one fine man.

                                                                             Rick, Mitch and that girl 
Rick Drown attended with his wife Marilyn... Rick was stunt man on Bonanza for Mitch Vogel, a
very sweet guy who just have to love.

   Steve Moriarty: a friend of Cheryls and an actor.


                                                                          Big Dan
Big Dan, Bruce Dickinson from The Ponderosa, I sent him an email asking if he would like to join us at the Round-up,
and showed up at The Autry in his Buckskins.. a surprise for everyone. A man ten feet tall, with 
 as big of heart.


            Al Frisch joined the group and brought some of his gun collection... yes, this is Adams
                                                                        and Bailey


                                                                              WALK OF FAME

                                            Lorne Greenes star and Eva with same star



                                         Michael Landons star... and Mary Mackey with same star



                                                                          VASQUEZ ROCK                         

                                                                        VASQUEZ ROCK :




                                                                    A TOUR OF PARAMOUNT RANCH

                                  In the jail: Mary Macky, Marge Kitch, Sue Bearhs, Tom Reasch and yes, me.



             General Lee : my favourite car from one of my favourite shows THE DUKES of Hazzard

Scooby Doo : from the Scooby Doo movie -- where Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby, solve a.mystery, from the cartoon of the same name.


 Yogi Bear :

Yogi Bears contrabulous fabtraption of a flying machine for high-tech picnic-grabbing