Arlene and Johns trip to LA



My LA visit with my husband John:- (I didn’t include everything as Cheryl did a good summary
in her email)


We flew to Los Angeles Airport and then stayed 3 nights at Manhatten Beach before we moved
onto the Marriott at Burbank. We did a tour of LA on a bus - I had been before and we toured
around in our car, but the bus tour included a lot more than we had seen previously - John
and ‘Marilyn’ outside Madam Tussauds. As you can see Mike’s star has been damaged by
a tree, but I believe it is going to be rectified.




     Marriott Burbank -  This was a lovely hotel  with an outdoor pool.  The official registration was
    at 6pm on the Thursday - this also gave us time to catch up with people we knew and some of
     my Facebook friends I hadn’t met!  The auction room was open and had some great items.


                   On Friday we went in groups to Michael’s and Lorne’s grave to pay our respects.
                                                             Lorne’s wife Nancy was next to him.





                   We also visited Vasquez Rocks where some filming of Bonanza had been





   I was Rick Drown’s wrangler on the Friday, so I met Rick and his lovely wife Marilyn, they are
   lovely people.  In the evening we had a lovely set meal where we sat with our guests.  Each
  wrangler presented their guest with a plaque and made a small speech. (Very nerve racking
  LOL)!  Rick’s plaque was for being everyone’s favourite ‘stunt runt’.  Eleanor Roberts was
  presented with a portrait of Pernell - it was a copy and the real one was going to be sent to her! 


      Below is a picture of me with Rick, Marilyn and also Mitch and his wife in the foreground.





   It was Morgan Woodwards 86th birthday, so everyone sang Happy Birthday - he was presented
   with a lovely birthday cake!


   After the meal there was great entertainment with The Madd Dogs - a great band - best I have 
   heard for a long time.  We had about six gatecrashers who came in to dance but they livened up
   the show and got people dancing.



                             Eva enjoying the dance                                                  
Mitch Sang with the group



   Saturday we had a lovely BBQ put on by the hotel at lunchtime.  I then had to
   be wrangler for Peter Mark Richman and his wife Helen.  I met them in the lobby,
   they were so excited as they had just come from the hospital where their sixth
   grandchild had been born - a little girl called Dannika!  Picture below of John, Me,
   Peter Mark and his wife Helen.





   Saturday Evening was the Memorial Dinner for David Dortort, but also a tribute
   was done for Kathleen, Irene and Val.  Bailey had done a special dvd for Kathleen
   and Irene (she didn’t know Val had died until I told her earlier on, so she added
   picture of Val at the beginning of the dvd and mentioned her in the speech she
   made). It was all very moving.  The music to the dvd had everyone in tears!
  The tributes to David were great and all together it was a lovely evening. 


  Picture below is me with Ben Cooper’s son-in-law (Craig White - he is dressed
                                                               up as ‘Ben Maverick’).




        Sunday we went to the Gene Autry Museum - this had an added attraction - Cheryl had
                  invited Bruce Dickenson from the ‘Ponderosa’ along - he dressed up for




                                                                    The Lone Ranger and Matt Dillons outfits!



                                                                       ‘The Map’ at the Autry 






                              On Monday some of us went on the Warner Studio Tour - this was great as well.


      Some of the things we saw were where the Bonanza set was - now knocked down and is a
      street setting, cars from Batman, Harry Potter and other shows.  Where all the props are stored,
      the building where the Perfect Storm was filmed (there is a large water tank underground).
      Wesaw the audience on it’s way to the Ellen D show and Ashton Kutcher’s special wagon he
      stays in while filming.  Picture below-   Stage 27 was used for Bonanza - it lists all the shows
      filmed there!



    It was such a great event there is too much to write down.  I must mention Barbara Luna, on
    the panel she said that at the time she was engaged to ‘Doug McClure’ (Trampus from the
    Virginian) she still wanted to kidnap Michael Landon!!!!  She liked him so much!




                       Below are some pictures of the guests:- Greg Walcott and Morgan Woodward





                                                                              Gary ‘Hoss’ with guest BB Hudspeth  




                                                                   David Blocker - Dan’s son

                                                                  (He seems a very nice man).


                                                                Kevin talking to the panel -
Barbara Luna, Peter Mark Richman, Michael Dante, Mark Hollingsworth Rick Drown and
Mitch Vogel



The guest were all very friendly and easy to talk to - Michael Dante and Barbara Luna set up a
banter between them, they were very funny!  Also on the other panel were Susan and Kent
McCray - they were great as well, very emotional when they talked about Michael.