Western Souvenirs 


For those who are in love with Hoss - Studio still from the ranch. Given to me by a dear friend
who is no longer with us.

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.                                                                                         Eva


           LG Postcard signed by David Dortort - my treasure, an autograph from Mr. Dortort



  Lorne Greene Stamp and Magazine 2006
                                                Ponderosa Spoon - this I purchased online years ago when I  found the Ranch online

                                                           Stamps                                                              LG Stamp 


                                                          Lorne Greene Stamp and Magazine 2006

                        Item created to celebrate Dan Blockers 80th birthday ....  an envelope with stamp ....
                        I won it on ebay



This is a New Orleans Mardi Gras token from 1985. The caption reads, "Bacchus
XVII - Lorne Greene." It pictures Lorne Greene, the well known star from the
hit television series "Bonanza."

Bonanza was cancelled in 1973 after a long sucessful run. Lorne Greene was in
movies and other TV series, but hell always be remembered for his role as Ben Cartwright in Bonanza.

He was king of the famous Bacchus parade in 1985 and this is one of the king
tokens he threw. He died 2 years later in 1987.


Western BONANZA Cowboys & The Ponderosa BRASS TOKEN

One side reads Bonanza. Other side shows a map displaying Virginia City, Carson
City, and The Ponderosa. Marked Copyright NBC 1968. 1 1/4 inches in diameter.


     I want more of these.. and in all Country Money..


    Bonanza Mug (view 1) - my tin mug, hangs in kitchen.            view 2




Bonanza Pin-back buttons - I have a collection of these    Bonanza stickpins - and
many of   these