12th Febuary-Lorne Greene    18th May-Pernell Roberts    

                       10th December-Dan Blocker   31st October -Michael Landon  

                                               17th January -Mitch Vogel


                                                                       Birth Month Flowers

                                   Snowdrop                                                  Iris

9th January – Arlene                       4th February-Eva
                              14th January – Joyce                       12th February-Susan G
                              15th January  Heidi                          24th February-Marion
                              31th January – Richenda                27th February- Regina
                                                                                            28th Becky - Becky       
                                                                                            29th Febuary-Ellen (28th on none leap  year)

                                                  Daffodil                                                    Daisy 

5th March – Sandra                              20 th April-Maggie 
                                      8th March – Lesley                               30th April-Heike           
15th March-Kate
18th March-Mickey


                                     Lily of the Valley                                                 Rose

12th May – Janet                                     4th June-Wendy
13th May – Cheryl                                    9th June- Ellen
                                  16th May-Joan B                                    10th  June-Pat H

                                  21st May - Val D                                                               
                                  31st May – Jenny 

                                  31st May – Lillian


                                         Larkspur                                                  Gladiola                  

                            1st July – Lynda                                             5th August-Bev
                            29th July – Nicole                                     
     18th August-Aycee 

                                        Aster                                                             Calendula          

                              6th September – Carla                              8th October-Nancy 
                             1st September-Scotty                               14th October-Lea


                                 Chrysanthemum                                             Narcissus

                          9th November – Judy                                  20th December-Lyn
                         10th November – Tricia                                24th December-Lynne
                         15th November – Michele
                         16th November – Katja