Mitch Vogal / Jamie  Cartwright


  Mitch his Wife Chrissie and their Daughters, Shauna and Melonie




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 Mitch Vogels acting career commenced at age 12 in the 1968 film comedy Yours, Mine and Ours, as one of Lucille Balls and Henry Fondas brood.

                                                  Mitch in 
Yours Mine and Ours 

The very next year he reached the pinnacle of his film career with The Reivers. He played the role of Lucius in the film adaptation of the William Faulkner coming-of-age novel. The film won both Vogel and star Steve McQueen Golden Globe nominations.

                                                           Mitch as  as Lucius in The Reivers 

                                             Mitch in  Menace on the Mountain

   With established success, Vogel became a popular guesting on TV and in 1970 joined the already classic western series Bonanza. Vogel completed a two-year stint on the show playing the character of Jamie Hunter, an orphan taken in and adopted by the Cartwrights. His casting brought a new dimension of youth to the cast, as Michael Landon, at age 34, was a bit too old to be receiving fatherly guidance by patriarch Ben.

                                               Bonanza Episode-A Home for Jamie

 When the series ended in 1972, Vogel had developed a friendship with Landon and went on to appear in Landons Little House on the Prairie series years later.

Mitch Vogel returned to Bonanzas locations for the Travel Channels  TV Road Trip in 2002, in which he narrated a look at the Ponderosa Ranch in Incline Village, near Lake Tahoe, Nevada. More recently in 2004, Vogel was featured in an interview in Bonanza Gold magazine, and participated in the 2005 and 2009 Bonanza Convention.

                                                                           In the Autry Museum


                                                             Mitch on the Dixie                  


                                                                   Mitch as Jamie in Bonanza