We meet through our love of Bonanza and 
  our friendships has grown through theYears


                          Bonanzathon 2018 in Llandudno,Wales                      

LLANDUDNO SEPT. 7th-10th 2018

Another year has rolled on by and once again we were meeting here in my adopted home
 town of Llandudno, for lots of Bonanza fun.

Tee shirts had been purchased and so as we met up in the foyer of the Grand Hotel there was
 no mistaking our allegiance.

It was lovely seeing Lyn, Joyce, Brian, Joan, Janet, June, Monica and Denise again, this year, and
 to welcome back Katja, who did manage to join us a few years ago, but was not with us last year.

The weather was no where near as good as it had been for most of the summer, but the sun did
 make an appearance and we managed a walk along the prom before dinner.

The hotel was as welcoming as it had been, last year, and we were given the ‘quiet room’ for the
 entire week end. (Not very quiet once we were all in there LOL)

Cardboard cut outs of Ben, Adam and Joe were soon in place, along with lots of photos and
 the room  looked very homely. (note to self – must get a Hoss figure in time for next year’s get
 together, as we all missed him)

Woke up on Saturday to lots of rain, but it had been expected so didn’t dampen our spirits, too
much. We watched some episodes and played the first round of the horse race game, in which
 contestants have to race along a track and depending on where their horse stops, answer a
question or perform a task. It ended with us having four contestants going through to the
semi-finals, Katja, June, Monica and Joyce.

In the afternoon we had the quiz and Lyn was the winner, with Denise the runner up.

More episodes were enjoyed, including the usual suspects, The Ride, Abigail Jones and
The Hayburner.

We ate in the hotel dining room, not the best food I’ve ever had, but good value for money.

On Sunday morning, the weather was slightly better, so we went for a walk into town and hit
 a few of the shops.

Later on, there was time for some more episodes, along with the choosing of the new verse to
the Bonanza Battle Song. The winner was, unanimously, Monica, and afterwards we all joined in
 and sang the song. (I felt for the other residents LOL)

We also held the semi final of the race game and ended up with Joyce and Monica in the final; the
 same as the last time we played this game. There was much laughter as the contestants tried to
guess what kind of alcoholic drink they were imbibing. Monica, especially, took many sips before
 giving her answer LOL

The final was very tense and the result was the opposite of the last time these two thoroughbreds
 squared up against each other; Joyce won and Monica came second.

The raffle took up most of the rest of the afternoon, as everyone was very generous with their
donations. We were able to raise a total of £131 for cancer research, in memory of our dear
Bonanza buddies, Eva and Aycee. The odd amount was because we held a separate raffle for
 the truly splendid, large, knitted Cartwright dolls, lovingly made by Joyce’s fair hands. Joan was
the winner of these and reported, later, that they made it back to South Wales in fine health.

On Monday morning, some of our party had to leave quite early, but the rest of us decided to go
 up the Great Orme on the tram. Bonnie and Betty, my wee dogs, came with us and really enjoyed
all the fuss they received.

We had a snack in the café and visited the gift shop, plus took the time to just stand and take in
the amazing views, before getting back on the tram and returning to the hotel.

All too soon, it was time to say goodbye, but as everyone left we were already talking about next
year’s get together, plus plans for a bigger do, maybe, in May 2020, to celebrate 60 years of the
show here in the UK. Liverpool was mentioned as a possible venue, so please all start about
let’s see if we can have as good an event as we had for the 50th.

Thanks, again, to all of you who came. I know I am confident in saying we all had a great
time, lots of laughter and love between Bonanza buddies who are, now, friends, too.

Until next time

Little Joe forever

Lynne September 2018


















                     Bonanzathon 2017 in Llandudno,Wales

                                   BONANZATHON IN LLANDUDNO

                                                    SEPTEMBER 22ND-SEPTEMBER 25TH 2017

               Attending:- Lyn, Monica, Linda, June, Ellen, Denise, Janet, Joan, Cherry, Joyce and Brian

Venue:- Grand Hotel. Llandudno

On Friday I positioned myself in the Quiet Room (if ever a room was misnamed it was this one after we
 had visited it LOL) just off the lobby of the Grand Hotel. The guests began to arrive and were soon settled into
their rooms, all except Cherry who was only coming for Saturday and Joyce and Brian, whom I still wasn’t sure
would be showing up, or not.

The hotel very kindly gave us exclusive use of this room, so it was soon filled with three life-sized cardboard
cut outs of Ben, Adam and Little Joe and several photos of the boys. We watched some episodes and caught
up on each other’s lives since we last met. It was especially nice seeing Linda, who had been very ill since we
 met up, last year. And we also welcomed a new face, Denise, who is only a young’un, but has great taste in
men. (she loves Adam)

Unlike last year, when we faced a fair bit of rain, the weather was a bit kinder to us and we were able to
go up Great Orme, on the tram, and take in the lovely view. The lady who works in the gift shop remembered
us from last year (once seen, never forgotten) and seemed pleased we had made a return visit. We also managed
 to do a bit of shopping in town, before testing our brains with Janet’s excellent quiz. It had us all scratching our
heads; I was declared the winner, with Lyn and Denise not far behind me. Many thanks Janet for all your hard
work in setting it.

I found an anagrammatical quiz of Bonanza episodes, online, and gave everyone a copy of it to have a go at, over
the week end. Most of us only managed to find about three or four of them, but the winner extraordinaire
 was Denise, who found nearly all of them. She well deserved her prize of a Bonanza Gold magazine.

We also had a pass the parcel to unwrap and the winner was Joan.
She received a Western mug.

We all ate in the restaurant at the hotel. It was nice being able to all sit together on a large table and the
 staff gently teased us about our cowboy obsession, but it was all very much done in fun.

It was previously agreed that this year’s raffle money would be donated to a cause close to my daughter, Amy’s,
heart. A friend of hers has a little boy who is suffering with an incurable disease called Duchenne’s and a sub
charity named for him (Lifting Louis) will benefit to the tune of £150 from the very generous, as always, group
of Bonanza ladies who attended (plus some donations from ones who couldn’t come) His mother, Laura, sends
 huge thanks to you all. The money will go towards a hydrotherapy pool to be installed at a hospital near to
where Louis lives.

In contrast to previous years, I think us ladies behaved quite decorously and so Llandudno wasn’t too horrified
by our antics! And although I know we are all getting older and so travel might be getting harder, I sincerely hope
 that we will soon be able to meet up again. I know I am fond of saying this, but Bonanza has given us so much more
than a wonderful TV show with four gorgeous actors to dream about. It has also made us so many firm, dear friends
and it’s always good to get together with friends, isn’t it?

Little Joe forever

Lynne October 2017

















                    Bonanzathon 2016 in Llandudno,Wales


 Lynne, Lyn, Janet, Monica, Joyce and Brian, Ellen, Erin, plus two newbies, June and Linda

We have all enjoyed a great few days, here in Llandudno and now everyone is heading
home. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who came and contributed to making it s
uch a success.
Not sure if Llandudno will ever recover from a group of ladies with 4 Cowboys emblazoned
across their chests walking along the promenade, but I am sure it has seen, and recovered,
from a lot worse LOL.
Lots of fun and games took place. Lyn very kindly set the quiz, and provided the prizes, so
that I could take part and I ended up winning. As she lives in Scotland, her prizes had a
Scottish theme and I received some shortbread and a Scottish mug. Janet and Linda
(one of our newbies) were runners up and they also received shortbread.
I devised a horse racing game in which two people raced their horses against each other
and the winner went through to the next round. Monica was the ultimate winner and she
received a photo album filled with pix of our boys. Joyce was the runner up and she got a
snow globe with pix of the boys inside it.
I also held a write a caption to a photo competition and Ellen won that, receiving a mug
with the boys on it and Joyce was the runner up, also receiving a mug.
We watched loads of episodes, previously voted for by the guests, and they ranged from
The Hayburner to Death At Dawn, so all emotions were covered.
On the last night, Erin cooked a superb lasagne (thanks to Vicki for the recipe) and before
that we had fish and chips and also went to Wetherspoons.
We drove up the Great Orme, although due to the haze it wasnt that much of a view and
visited Bodafon Farm, where we saw the beautiful collection of owls. Oh and we also played
on their fort, shooting at the bad guys (I know, when we will ever grow up? Hopefully, never)
All in all, we had a wonderful time with a wonderful group of friends, none of whom would
have known each other if it hadnt been for BONANZA
Thanks Mr Dortort and our boys
Little Joe forever



                                                           June, Lynne and Janet 
                             Linda, Joyce, Erin (with Bonnie) Ellen, Lyn and Monica
                                                  in Lynnes back garden



                           Linda, Joyce, Monica, Janet, June and Brian in Wetherspoons


                                          From L to R it is June, Monica, Linda, Janet, Lyn and Ellen


                            Linda, Monica, Janet, Lynne and Bonnie at Bodafon Farm


Bodafon Farm where we  played on the fort, shooting at the bad guys (I know, when we will
ever grow up? Hopefully, never)


                                                 Lyn and Lynne in Bodafon Farm Cafe


       Janet and Joyce at Bodafon Farm, where we saw the beautiful collection of owls













                        Bonanzathon 2015 in Llandudno,Wales


          .                      OUR BONANZATHON OCTOBER 2015

                                                                     Organized by Lynne


Our annual get together took place at the beginning of October and we all convened at the
Winchmore Hotel on Monday the 5th. This year there weren’t as many of us, but I knew we would
still be in for a lot of fun, and I was right. On our first evening we enjoyed a supper of fish and
chips at my house and watched a couple of episodes of the boys.

The weather was fairly mixed, but we did manage a few strolls along the promenade and
enjoyed the bracing sea air. The shops, especially the charity ones, also benefitted from our
patronage. We also played some games. I set a quiz, which Lyn won, and I also offered a word
search and a crossword to test all the little grey cells of my fellow Bonanza buddies.  There were
some photos which needed a caption, and Vicki Nelson and Maggie came up with the winners for

We watched plenty of episodes, keeping Adam and Joe fans happy with what was chosen.
Everyone kindly donated plenty of raffle prizes, and with a little bit extra added by Maggie, we
raised £50, which was given to Hope House Children’s Hospice, in memory of a little girl called 
Maya Latham, who died, aged 6, and who spent a lot of time in the hospice, during her short

In addition to this very generous amount, many of the Bonanza girls also sponsored me for a
walk I did in aid of Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre, later on in October. Altogether, I raised £130,
which was well received by the charity, so many thanks to all of you who sponsored me.

It was lovely meeting up with old friends, having a natter and lots of laughs, especially when
I nearly broke the lift in Weatherspoon’s LOL. Thank you to Lyn, Maggie, Sandra, Dave, Joyce,
Brian, Monica, Janet, Lynda and especially to Vicki, our new friend, who took the prize for travelling the
furthest to join us. She came all the way from Iowa in the USA.

Looking forward to doing it again, next year, and here’s hoping that more friends will be able to
join us, then. I am sure the Cartwrights are looking down from the Ponderosa in the sky and are
pleased to see just how much their show has given to us all. Not only do we have some lovely
cowboys to drool over, but we have made lots of lovely friends, too.

Little Joe forever

Lynne December 2015





                                                             Winchmore Hotel, Llandudno

                    Where we all meet up on the 4-7 th October 2015 for another great




                Joyce, Lynne, Lyn, Maggie, Monica, Lynda, Janet, Vicki, Sandra
                                                            and David

                         Dear Brian , who is always there supporting us



                                                                Breakfast  at The Winchmore



                                             Some of Lynnes huge collection
                                                   of Bonanza memorabilia



                                                                       Rhos -on-Sea

                      Maggie and I enjoying the sun, while sitting on some funny seats







                                                                   View of Llandudno Pier


                                   View of Llandudno from The Great Orme


                                   View of Llandudno,from The Winchmore


                                                    Pontcyscylite Aqueduct

                       Maggie,David and I stopped here on the way home from Llandudno
          David was the only one of us who managed to walk the whole way over



.               BONANZATHON at Llandudno October 10th-October 13th 2014

The Bonanza girls started arriving on Friday, from about lunch time onwards, and we all gathered in
the hotel lounge, as each one checked in. The owners, Joni and Mark, had set up the lounge so that we
all had a nice comfy seat (there were two seater leather sofas and chairs) and plenty of occasional
tables dotted around. Plus we had a little Ern -urn (without the fat, hairy legs) so we could have tea
and coffee whenever we wanted it.
Everyone raved about their rooms,which were all very well appointed and comfortable
This is the web site address for the hotel, if you would like to see it:
There were enough people with cars to be able to ferry us down to the fish and chip shop and then to
my house so we could eat it. Brian, the only man amongst us, offered to do the washing up, which was
so sweet of him.
Afterwards we went back to the hotel and watched the boys for a while. We had pictures on a cork board
and Janet brought her lifesize cardboard cut out of Little Joe, so we had some lovely images to look at,
as we sat in the lounge

Lyn brought me home once everyone wanted to go to bed (none of them are night birds)
The next morning I joined them all for breakfast (all except Vicki and Pat, who were staying elsewhere).
They arrived after we had enjoyed a delicious breakfast of fruit, cereal, yogurt, full Welsh breakfast,
toast, juice and coffee or tea.
We spent Saturday doing all things Bonanza, including watching the boys (amongst many others
 we watched Ponderosa Matador, The Legacy, The Ride, Bank Run and Hoss and the
 Leprechauns) doing a quiz, compiled by me; there were 40 questions and Vicki won a mug on
 which was written Bonanzathon 2014 and had a photo of the boys, for getting a score of 35 points.
We also had tee shirts with the same words written on them and it was nice that most of us had
them, as it gave a sense of camaraderie to the week end.

There was also a captions competition to take part in and raffle tickets to buy, with all the proceeds
 going to Cancer Research, in memory of our dear friend, Anne Carruthers (Aycee) and Pats nephew in law,
 Andy Witton, who both lost their lives to the disease.
We had a huge amount of raffle prizes; many thanks to all who brought them or donated them.
As the day progressed there was much fun and laughter, as we caught up with what we had all been
 doing, recently, and revelled in watching our boys together. Our newbie, Monica, an Adam fan
(well nobodys perfect LOL) fitted in really well and thankfully, she seemed to be enjoying herself.
Ellen, who was also relatively new to the group and is our baby, at only 26, also had a great time and
 got on well with everyone, proving that age doesnt matter if you share an interest.
On Saturday evening we all ate together in the dining room of the Clontarf and were served a superb
three course meal. Afterwards, we watched some more episodes and took lots of photos of everyone.
We did the raffle and I think everyone took home at least one prize, although some (Joyce and Brian)
 won quite a few.




I took the caption competition home with me, so that Erin could judge it and on Sunday morning
 announced the winners, who were Monica and Ellen. They both won a mug like the one that Vicki had
 for winning the quiz.
It was a beautiful morning, so after breakfast we went for a short walk along the prom at West Shore
(Bonnie accompanied us)
Later on, we all drove up to the Craigside Inn, which overlooks Llandudno Bay, and had lunch with my
niece Donna and her two children, Jodie and Jared. It was Jareds 9th birthday and he was dressed in
his Doctor Who outfit (the Matt Smith incarnation) as all he talks about is Doctor Who.
We then returned to the hotel and some of the party departed, as they were heading for home.
However, there was still a few of us left and we went to the pub and had a couple of drinks.
Monday morning came around, far too quickly, and after another delicious breakfast, most of the girls
had to leave. However, our one international guest, Katja, wasnt flying home until the early evening
and so she and I spent the day wandering around Llandudno and enjoying the lovely views across the
We had a ball and everyone,without exception, has said we must do it again, next year, and so we
shall. Hopefully, the ones who couldnt come this year will be able to make it, next time.
In addition to the money raised for Cancer Research, we also collected donations for a memorial for
Helen-Anne Coviello, who did such a wonderful job in raising money through the Thanks for
everything appeal, in memory of Pernell, and has recently died. The donations are still coming in,
but at present I have in excess of £70.
Little Joe forever

It seems like happiness is just a thing called Joe,
Hes got a smile that makes the lilacs want to grow.
Hes got a way that makes the angels heave a sigh
When they know Little Joes passing by.
Lyrics by Yip Harburg 1940





 After the huge success of the Bonanza 50th anniversary celebrations at Lake Tahoe, 
it was decided to have a similar gathering in the UK, to mark the 50th anniversary of
the show being premiered over here.
Mitch Vogel and his lovely wife, Chrissy, who have 
given up their time to attend every convention held in the USA, were rewarded with a 
thank you gift, in the form of a holiday in Liverpool, by the directors of the conventions
(Mitch is a huge Beatles fan). 
So, it was suggested that Mitch and Chrissy coincided 
their visit with our anniversary week end, and Mitch agreed to give us a little of his time 
while in the UK, to meet up with fans, some who were already friends, plus some whom 
had never had the chance to meet him before.

 I live just over an hour away from Liverpool, so Jackie Kay and I travelled to the hotel 
first thing on Saturday morning. The weather was absolutely glorious, brilliant sunshine 
and bright blue skies; as in Tahoe, the sun had come to join in with our celebrations.
We met up with some other fans, amongst them Vicki, Pat, Maggie and Aycee and
just had time to grab a bite to eat before the festivities began.

We were all given a name badge and a goodie bag, and then had to take two puzzle 
pieces out of a bag. The pieces went together to form a picture of each of the Cartwrights.
We were instructed to put our names on the back of our puzzle pieces and then place 
them in the puzzles. The first puzzle to be completed (it was the picture of Hoss) was 
then broken up and three pieces were drawn out of a bag and those three people 
received a prize.
 Apologies to the winners, but I do not have the names to hand, but I 
do know thatall the winners were German.

In one of the rooms available to us, there was a vast array of goodies to buy and all the 
money was going to the two charities that had been nominated. Most of the goods 
had a Western theme, or were Bonanza related.
There were also a couple of stalls
on whichfans were selling off some of their collection of Bonanza memorabilia, so 
lots of money was changing hands.

We watched several episodes of our favourite show, most of them featuring Jamie,
seeingas how Mitch was there, and we also had a short visual quiz, with clips etc., 
plus a filmabout the year 1960, the year Bonanza premiered here. This included
some photos of those of us who were old enough to have been born, then, so was a 
bit of fun to see.

 On Saturday evening, many of us dressed up, either in dresses of the period, or in 
character clothes, to attend the party in aid of the show’s 50th birthday.  
The food 
was delicious, the wine flowed and some of us were even foolhardy enough to get
up and try some line dancing! Mitch and Chrissy were enticed onto the dance
floor and enjoyed it so much that they also took part in the okey cokey and Mitch 
led a line of 
people in the conga. A charity raffle was held and there was a table
positively groaning with prizes.
Pat Hirst had decorated a cake in honour of the
 occasion, using decorations that had graced her parents’ golden wedding cake. 

The next day we watched another DVD, and then most of us took part in a special 
gameof Taboo, made up by Heike, with all the words that had to be guessed having
a Bonanza connection. We were divided into two teams, A and B, and I am pleased to
report that team A, of which I was a part, were the winners. It was a fun game and 
everyone really threw themselves into it, especially the ones whom English was not their 
first language.

There was an auction of a beautiful quilt, made by Lynda Kemp, and Hilary Traveller
was the highest bidder. Richenda was the winner of the silent auction.
After watching 
another DVD, we had a quiz, set by none other than yours truly, and Lyn Robinson was
the winner. A booby prize was given to the contestant with the lowest score. Three
people tied for this illustrious position
After the quiz there were two more episodes to
watch and a compilation of clips to see, featuring the Bonanza stars.
All too soon, it 
was the end of the week end and all that was left was for Vicki to host the closing 
ceremony, where the prizes were awarded for best costumes and best look alike – 
Richenda, Sandra, Arlene and John were the winners.

 Vicki closed the proceedings by presenting a special tribute to Pernell Roberts, who 
sadly died at the beginning of this year.
We were all thanked for coming and wished 
a safe journey home.
My thanks to Vicki and Maggie for all their hard work in
puttingthe week end together, and a big thank you to Pat Hirst and her team for
all the lovely decorations.

Our two charities, Claire’s Hospice and Great Ormond
St. Hospital, benefitted from the week end to the tune of £165 each, so well done 
to all who attended.
Little Joe forever
June 2nd 2010




Hi everyone

Many thanks to all who took part, helped out or donated items for prizes,
raffles, sales and auction.

The quilt was won by Hilary Traveller (who did not attend) with a bid of £60
and the silent auction of the photograph by Richenda

We decided that we would make partial refunds to the two people who couldnt
attend after paying their ticket price.

All together after all bills were paid and refunds given, we have a profit of
£331.27 - not bad for 40 attendees.

We will therefore be sending cheques for £165 each to Great Ormond Street
Hospital and Claires Hospice sometime next week



                                                                   Kathleens Photos









































                                  Maggies Photos  





      International group left to right. Sandra,Richenda (England) Joelle (france)   Sabine,Andreas,Svenja (Germany) Jinx (USA) Joan(wales) 

                                                          View from Mersey Ferry
                                                    Liver Building and our Hotel (Atlantic Thistle)

  Maggie,Joan,Richenda,Judy,Karen,Joelle,Aycee,Sandra-at french restaurant Bistro Jaques.

                                                                   Sandra with that bananathingy!

              Sandra (Princess Sarah) and Aycee              Another Bananathingy             


                                                       Pats Photos


                                                   Beautiful cake that Pat made

                                           Having fun doing the Conga

                        Hokey-Cokey                                                      Maggie teaching us to Line Dance

Lynda and Dan                                                   Mitch leading the Conga







                                               Sandras Photos

                  Mitch,Bailey,Lynne,Maggie,Lynda,Chrissie,Jackie and Val

Joelle,Maggie and Sandra

                              Maggie,Jackie,Lynne and Val-Hotel Garden

Bailey                                           Pat

             Maggie, Joan and Richenda on the terrace of the Thistle Hotel

                                         Maggie and Joelle on the ferry

                                                  Joelle on the Ferry

                            Joelle,Aycee,Richenda and Joan with the Bananathingy


Mitch playing in the road                                          Beatles Cavern

John and Arlene

Jackie with Mitch

Judy and Kathleen

               Joelle and Maggie                                 Maggie,Heike,Aycee and Bailey

                    Joelle and Maggie                                      Aycee

Lynne                                Lyn

Lynne with Mitch

                              Judy with Mitch and the present she gave him

Albert Dock

                                                       Liver Building


                                                                                Arlenes  Photos






                                 Kathleens photos in London








                           All elements of BONANZA are copyright to Bonanza Ventures Inc., and NBC Inc., Used with permission



                              BONANZA LIVERPOOL WEEKEND


                                      WELCOME TO CHRISSY  AND MITCH







                                 MITCH GOING IT ALONE





                                  DOING THEIR OWN THING

                                                            Vicki selling memorabilla

                                                                      Pat deciding what to buy

Maggie selling raffle tickets

Janet showing off her wedding ring

Bailey-our photographer

                           Bailey taking orders for her photos


                 Bailey, looking casual                  Lyn, in an off the shoulders number                                                 






                                                        Heike, Bailey,Kathleen and Mitch 


Out for an evening stroll


                                      JUST THE TWO OF US

Maggie and  Richenda

Judy and Sandra

                                                                                   Kathleen and Bailey

Joyce and Brian

Nancy and Marion

                                                                                              Katja and Molly


                                      THREE IS COMPANY

Joelle,Maggie and Sandra

Judy,Joan and Richenda

                                                                     Janet, Aycee and Kathleen


                                     GETTING TOGETHER

Val,Vicki,Jackie and Lynne

Lynda, Dan, John, Arlene, Kevin and Pattie

? ? Heike,Karen, Katja and Molly

                                                                        Lyn, Brian, Joan and Val


                                                                                              AT THE DANCE

                                  Decorations were made by Pat

                            Pat.... our DJ  for the evening

                           Maggie...  Dance instrutor


                Mitch and Chrissy in London

                         We all love ice cream

                               Mitch and Chrissy

                                                                            Bailey cooling down

                                                    Mitch,Bailey,Chrisssy, and Irene


                                Sight Seeing in London 

                                             Chrissy and Mitch,looking up the River Thames

                           Mitch -not sure what he is taking a photo of

 Bailey and Chrissy -Mitch in the backgrownd,still taking photos

Bailey ,Mitch and Chrissy

Mitch ,Chrissy and taxi driver Joe (Kathleens son)





                                                                 Kathleen and Bailey

                           Irene and Bailey -easy to see  who is from the UK





   Maggie, Joyce, Pat C, Fiona, Vicki, Heike, Lynda, Petra, Pat H


                 VICKIS BONANZATHON,  LEE-ON-SOLENT-2001


Sandra, Kathleen, Davina, Patricia, Jeanie, Lynda, Hanne, Nancy, Maggie, Irene
  Pat, Janet, Vicki, Lynne, Wendy

        Joe (Lynne ) Having fun with big brother Adam (Vicki)

Taking a stroll  along the front at Lee-on -Solent.
                Patrica,Maggie, Nancy, Sandra, Pat

                      Patrica, Maggie, Nancy, Pat , Hanne

        Irene, Kathleen and Maggie 

             Erin  Janet and Lynne

          Wendy camping in Vickis garden

        Vicki (Adam) Wendy ( Hoss ) Lynne (Joe ) Pat (Pa)

                     Jeanie, Janet and Judy

      Erin, Maggie ,Hanne, Patrica, Irene Lynda




                                                             May 2002


                             Vicki and Lynne                                                     Lynne ,Sandra and Patrica

                                                    Kathleen , Diana and Davina

                              Davina and  Kathleen                                                     Janet   



Hilary, Irene,  Kate,Claire, Rona
Sandra, Lynne, Val , Vicki, Kathleen,
Susan, Wendy, Katja

                 Wendy, Kate, Lynne, Vicki, Katja

           Davina with lovely Sport


        Shan and Lyn


                               Kates Bonanzathon -2003


    Kathleeen, Diana, Katja, Maggie, Joan. Jeanie, Susan, Vicki, Judy
             Maggie, Susan G
Davina, Hilary, Tara, Kate, Wendy, Lynne

Kathleen, Maggie, Davina,
                Diana, Tara


                          SPRING BONANZATHON 2004
                                               LEE-ON -SOLENT


                                          OUT TO DINNER



                                              JOYCE WITH HUSBAND BRIAN



                                                            HILARY -WENDY



                                           LYNNE-KATE WITH HUSBAND MARTYN







                                             JOE, LOOK-ALIKE





         There was a certain amount of trepidation on my part, as 17 of us gathered 
         at Vickis, to enjoy another Bonanzathon. For this was the week end of 
         Halloween and what would have been Michaels 68th birthday. I had a feeling 
         that he was going to make his presence felt, as he loved this time of the
         year very much, and always enjoyed playing pranks. 
         And you know, I swear he was there, as we sang Happy Birthday to him and 
         and an auction, for his cancer charity, Im sure I heard him cheer. 
         We did a lot of laughing, and I know he would have approved of that, as that 
         was how he wanted us to remember him, with laughter. 
         Thank you Michael, for being you and for giving us such a great reason to 
         get together.

                                                       Little Joe forever


  Vicki, Judy, Susan, Lynne, Maggie, Joan, Liz, Hilary
                                                           Diana, Kathleen, Pat
                                                       Val ,Sandra, Lynne,Katja 

 Vicki, Judy, Susan, Lynne, Maggie, Jaon ,Liz  Hilary
                                                          Diana, Kathleen, Pat
                                                           Val, Liz C, Lynne


                           HAVING FUN PLAYING PASS THE PARCEL

                                                                   Diana, Maggie and Liz H

                                           Diana, Maggie, Liz and Susan

                                     Joan, Kathleen, Hilary and Pat

                                                             Val, Kate, Diana, Maggie and Liz H




                                                                                         val and katja

                                                                                               Val and Katja




                                    OUT TO DINNER


                              Kathleen and Diana                                             Susan and Maggie

                          Katja and Lyn                                                                Liz and Pat

                         Val Hilary and Joan                                                Judy, Lynne and Vicki

                                                                  Liz and Sandra


                                                        BESIDE THE SEA

                                                                 Judy, Maggie, Val, Liz ,Joan

                                                                                        Val and Joan

  Judy,  Maggie, Sandra,  Liz, Joan




               BONANZATHON- 2005


Once more, the genteel surroundings of Lee on the Solent rang out to the joyous sound
of Dum, diddy dum, diddy, diddy, diddy, dum - BONANZA, as Brits members gathered
to enjoy a weekend of Halloween happenings and Bonanza badinage.


  October 31st is the birthday of Michael Landon and so we were ready for any eventuality,
 knowing what a prankster ‘Little Joe’ could be. We were not disappointed and during the
 weekend we are sure he popped in to say ‘hello’.

  The main object of the event, apart from the chance for all of us to get together and drool
 over our boys, was to raise some money for Michael’s children’s cancer charity. To that
end, we took part in quizzes, word games, a write a caption competition, pass the parcel, a
raffle and an auction.

In all, we managed to raise £323, a pretty sterling effort, considering there were only 16 of
us there.

Many thanks, yet again, to our hostess with the mostess, Vicki, for allowing us into her home,
 and to everyone, who made the effort to attend.

Little Joe forever                                            
LynneNovember 2005  





                                                Lynne with Michaels Birthday Cake

                      Lynne, cutting Mikes birthday cake -with Lyn eagerly looking on

                                                        Wendy with her Bat friends

                                                                      Vicki lighting the lamp 
                          It turned out to be a spooky evening with odd noises outside the
                          window -maybe it was just Mike wanting a piece of his cake

Lynda and Wendy carrying out their forfeits in Pass the Parcel
              (Every one paid a pound to enter with the money going to Michaels Cancer charity)

                                                 Wendy, doing a war dance for her forfeit

                                                       Joyce, taking part in another forfeit

                                       Vicki -keeping us in order with her broomstick

            The music stops and Diana  has the parcel-Susan and Maggie look on

                             Lynne, with the mug she won in Pass the Parcel 
                               (Also in the photo -Susan, Diana and Maggie)

                                                      Lynda and  Maggie
Spinnaker tower in the background was a  £25million, UK Millennium Commission
sponsored project aimed at transforming the water front of Portsmouth and Gosport)

                                            I do like to be beside the seaside
                                         Diana, Maggie,Kathleen and Wendy 


                                Over the weekend we held several Competitions

When added together the money raised by entrance fees to the competitions, the 
auction and raffle came to a  grand total of £323  which will  go to Mikes cancer charity
for children



                SPRING BONANZATHON-APRIL 2006

                                    PAT-DIANA -SANDRA-SUSAN
                           BY THE SEASIDE IN LEE- ON-SOLENT


                                                PERNELLS CAKE




A week of glorious weather culminated in a happy band of Bonanza fans heading
for the South coast, and a week end of fun and frolics at Vicki’s house
Lee on the Solent, between Friday 20th April and Sunday, 22nd.

  I travelled down from the North West with a newbie, Jackie, who, by a happy
 coincidence, happens to live in the same town as me. Apart from Aycee and Lyn,
who flew down from Scotland, Jackie and I travelled just about the furthest, but it
was worth every mile to get together with friends, old and new, and chat about our
favourite family (oh, and each other’s families, too, as, after having these get
togethers for over 6 years, we all know each other pretty well)

Kathleen and Irene had already joined Vicki and Pat, by the time we arrived, in the
 late afternoon on Friday. Diane and Tash were also there. It was their first time to Lee,
but I had already met them, at a smaller gathering, at Susan’s flat, in Oxford.

  Sandra and Maggie were also there, and it was an extra special day for Maggie, as
it was her 60th birthday. Vicki made her a lovely sponge cake, which had a picture of
Maggie’s favourite man, Pernell, on the top of it. He was covered in cream, which was
 just as well, as it was the publicity shot from the film Kashmiri Run, and he appeared to
have forgotten to put his clothes on, before appearing in front of the camera.

  More people began to arrive and so the volume level increased, as we all caught up
on each other’s news, and heard about absent friends, who, for various reasons, were
not that active on the list, at the moment.

  Pat had done a marvellous job, decorating the house with plenty of pictures of our
favourite men, and she had also made up some very funny captions to accompany
 the pictures. There were also two pictures for us to make up a caption for, and Vicki
judged the entries, at the end of the week end. I won one and Aycee won the other.
 Everyone who entered paid 20pence into the fund, into which also went the money for
 taking part in all the other competitions and the raffle ticket money. It meant that at the
end of the week end, we had raised £150, £100 going to the Thanks For Giving Fund,
to buy library books for Waycross Library, in honour of Pernell Roberts, and the other
£50 being a special donation to a special Bonanza buddy (more later)

  Vicki catered for us all, superbly, on Friday and Saturday evening, and during the
course of the week end our numbers swelled to 25, including 4 husbands, Brian,
Martyn, Gareth and Geoff, lovely to see you guys again. There was Vicki, Pat, me,
Jackie, Maggie, Sandra, Susan, Diana, Diane, Tash, Val, Jeanie, Kate, Aycee, Lyn,
Judy, Kathleen, Irene, Joyce and Patricia. We were pretty evenly split between being
Adam and Joe fans and we had to show our allegiance when we took part in a shooting
 game, as we were divided into two teams, one for Joe and one for Adam. I hang my
head in shame when I reveal that the Adam team beat the Joe team, 18 points to 6
(I still maintain that Joe is the better shot, though) The individuals with the highest
scores were Diane and Aycee.

  We took part in a pass the parcel, which Sandra kindly prepared for us, and much
merriment ensued as each person faced their forfeit (I wonder why it always seems
 to happen that the newbies get the worse challenges?) Diane won the main prize,
although as I recall, her daughter Tash claimed it.

  Our lovely hostess, Vicki, came up with a new game, to test our little grey cells; it
involved splitting into teams of four, one member of the team being given an episode
title and then having to illustrate it, so that the other team members could guess what
it was. I am pleased to tell you that, this time, it was a Joe fan team, which one,
 consisting of myself, Susan, Joyce and Tash.

  We then come to the event which most people seem to dread, although they would
 miss if we didn’t have it. It’s the chance to show just how much, or how little, you know
about Bonanza (knowing about Bonanza isn’t the problem for me, but the evil question
 setter (Pat) likes to include questions about the Wild West, in general, and I don’t know
 much about that, as what I do know I have gleaned from watching the show, which
wasn’t that accurate) I speak of, of course, THE QUIZ.

  This one was really tough and I only just managed to hold on to my crown, although
I was surprised that I did so, as since all the trouble I’ve had with my head, my memory
 is no where near as good as it used to be.

  The raffle was well supported, two tables in Vicki’s living room were groaning with
prizes and so, I think, just about everyone went home with at least a couple of prizes,
even Butch.

  Whoops, I missed our star guest off the list, when I said, earlier, who was there.
Butch, celebrated navigator and traveller of the USA, and now acclaimed author,
graced us with his presence, and had a new cowboy hat for the occasion. He took
pride of place, on the table, in the middle of the room (reminding me of Walter in
 Walter and the Outlaws) and made sure we all behaved ourselves. He was rather
 miffed that Bonanza Gold, which took up his kind offer of having exclusive rights
 to his articles, had not been received by his adoring public, yet, but Vicki
(the editor in chief) had her working copy, and so we were all able to see what
a magnificent job he had done.  


And that just about sums the week end up, apart from the fact that we all ate too
much (but Vicki and Pat’s food was hard to resist) and we must have used enough
 electricity (making tea and coffee) to keep a small village powered up for a whole
week. LOL

  Many thanks, once again, to our most gracious host, Vicki, and her assistant, Pat, for
all that they did to make the week end such a fantastic one, and, of course, our special
 thanks to David Dortort for creating such a wonderful family as the Cartwrights, who
give us the reason for having these terrific get togethers.

  Hope to see you all again, soon, plus any more of you who might be inspired enough
 by this write up, to want to come and join us.

  Little Joe forever


               Pat H,  Jackie, Irene, Kathleen, Lyn, Pat C, Aycee, Kate, Diana, Val
                               Jeanie, Lynne, Judy  Susan, Vicki, Butch, Maggie

             Pat H, Jackie, Irene, Jeanie, Kathleen, Lyn, Pat C, Aycee, Kate, Diana, Val
                    Vicki,Lynne, Judy, Susan, Butch, Sandra, Maggie

           Tash, Pat H, Jackie, Irene, Diane, Jeanie, Kathleen, Pat C, Aycee, Diana, Val
                        Vicki, Lyn, Lynne, Judy, Susan, Butch, Sandra, Maggie
       It was an extra special Bonanzathon for Maggie, as it was her 60th birthday  
            Maggie, with the picture of Pernell- taken  from the top of her cake. 
                                    With -Kathleen, Lyn, Lynne and Pat H


                                       Maggies Birthday cake made by vicki


                     Lyn, helping Maggie remove the cream from Adam

                   Jackie, playing Pass the Parcel-the music had just stopped

                                                   Applause  for  Jackie

                            Irene won a lucky dip while playing Pass the Parcel

                    Vals forfeit in Pass the Parcel  was to catch 3 fish in a minute

                                                                   Aycee and Maggie

                                             Kathleen and Val  in Vickis garden

                 Good friends Pat C  and Maggie, on the beach outside Vickis
   Diane with daughter Tash and Aycee at Portsmouth harbour with the Spiniker tower
in the background

 Star guest Butch graced us with his presence, and had a new cowboy hat for the occasion


                                      OCTOBER HALLOWEEN BONANZATHON 2007
                                                Write up by Lynne Coulson

It didn’t seem long after we’d returned from our great trip to the USA, that Vicki was,
once more, rallying the troops to meet under the Bonanza flag at Lee on the Solent, in
order to celebrate Michael’s birthday and Halloween.       

 Vickis house-lots of fun going on inside


  Pat and I decorated the house with plenty of lovely photos of our boys and some
              Halloween bunting, on Thursday, in readiness for the week end.  


  This was a slighter smaller gathering than we’ve had in the past, but nevertheless, I
knew we would have a terrific time, and I wasn’t proved wrong.

  We did have one unexpected visitor, Diana brought her granddaughter, Amy, with
her and she was a real joy to be around. This little girl was unfailingly polite, helped
 out at every opportunity, took part in all the competitions and won the heart of
everyone who was there.  Her only fault? Well, she is an Adam fan, but I strongly
suspect that Granny Diana might have had something to do with that LOL.

                                                               Amy-Dianas Granddaughter

  We had a couple of different competitions, this time, a matching pairs game, devised
by me, in which you had to match up a quote with the episode title, and a daily reveal
 type of game, devised by Vicki, on which you revealed a small square of  a picture and
had to guess which episode it was from. Susan won both of these, clever girl.

  Pat also set a couple of caption competitions and these were won by Kathleen
and by Diana and Amy. Amy was also the winner of the guess the number of sweets
in the jar competition. There were, in fact, 72, and she said there were 69, so she
was very close.

  In between games and watching episodes, we were well fed by Vicki and Pat, who
had worked hard to provide a varied and delicious menu. There was also plenty of
nibbles to enjoy, biscuits, crisps, cakes, etc. and a lovely birthday cake for Michael that
I iced with his name.

                  Michaels Cake

  This time, I travelled down by National Express coach and was well impressed by
 the service and the price. (no detours, either) On the return journey, I had the company
of Molly and Maggie, up to Birmingham, so that helped to pass the time.

  The following is a list of fans (and husbands) who were there, at some point during the
week end:
  Vicki, Pat H, Lynne, Kathleen, Maggie, Molly, Patricia, Judy, Joyce (Bryan), Val
(Geoff), Diana, Amy, Susan (Butch & Fifi), Lyn

  Have to say I was a bit upset that Butch chose to bring his floozy, Fifi, with him, as
it meant that he hardly spent any time with me, but there you go, these boys can be so
fickle, can’t they? LOL. And I have the memories of our holiday together to dream

                                                                       Fifi and Butch

  Thanks, again, Vicki, we had a great time, and, although we didn’t actually have
 the feeling that Michael was there, this time, I still think he was, and I know he 
 would have been delighted with the £100 we managed to raise for McMillan Nurses,
 from the raffle and the games.

                                                      Lyn, Maggie, Diana and 






Bonanzathon at Lee-on Solent
September 24th -26th -2010

Our week end Bonanzathon at Vickis did not have the best beginning, as many of us
had only just heard the tragic news about the car crash in which our dear friend Kathleen,
lost her life and which left Irene, another Bonanza buddy, critically ill in hospital.I
heard the news, just before I was to travel down to Lee on the Solent, and my first reaction
was not to go. But I then decided it would most likely be slightly easier to cope with the news,
when in the company of friends, who also knew Kathleen and Irene. And this proved
to be the case, as although there were moments when it was hard to hold back the tears,
there werealso some lighter moments when we recalled fun times we had spent in
Kathleens company.


We gradually began to arrive, a few at at time, and by Saturday we had a full
complement, fourteen women and two long suffering men!There was Vicki, Pat,
myself, Sandra, Maggie, Richenda, Judy, Lyn, Patricia,Joyce, Aycee, Susan,
Davina, our newcomer Cherry, Brian and Richard.

Vickis garden
Lyn, Cherry, Aycee, Lynne, Susan, Maggie,Richenda, Judy, Joyce
Davina ,Vicki, Pat, Sandra

As usual, Pat had done a sterling job, decorating the house with plenty of pictures of
our boys, along with some fun cartoons, and several pictures with funny captions.
There was also some work for the guests to do - guessing how many sweets in a
jar (won by Pat), and thinking up a fun caption to go with a picture of Adam and Ben

(won by Maggie), plus a quick draw game, won by Joyce.

Sandra also brought a game with her. It required us to recall objects and who had them
(not an easy task for a group of middle aged women) At the end of the game,you were
allowed to keep any prizes that you had managed to hold onto (although a fair bit of
swapping did go on LOL)

To take part in the games, we made a donation, and these were added to themoney
raised by selling raffle tickets. The total amount collected was £130, and it was
decidedthat we would contact Joe, Kathleens son, and donate the money to a cause
close to Kathleens heart, in her memory. The amount is likely to be more, by the time
it is donated, as members of the Brits group, who were not able to attend the
Bonanzathon, were given the chance to send in donations, via Vicki.

All this activity was interspersed with a fair amount of chatting and episode watching,
as well as eating. Vicki and Pat supplied us with enough food to feed an Army (and
very nice food it was, too)

On Saturday evening, at 5pm, we began watching Woman of Fire, a favourite episode
of Kathleens. We all laughed when Adam uttered the immortal line, "Why do you
gape? Take down the luggage," to Hoss and Joe, and recalled the many times we had
heard Kathleen say it.At 6pm, we charged our glasses (with wine or whisky, Irish, of
course) and drank a toast to Kathleens memory and for Irenes speedy recovery.A
message was posted about this, on brits, and several other friends joined us in the
toast, in their own homes.

Pat set one of her devilish quizzes and I just about managed to hold onto my
crown, for another year.

A slightly smaller party of us (10 in all) were still at Vickis on Sunday and we all went
to the Spice Island in Portsmouth. We enjoyed a lovely meal and as we ate we were
serenaded to by Vickis extremely talented son, Tom, who sang, played the piano and
the saxophone.

Monday morning came round far too soon and I was taken to Fareham
(thanks Sandra) to catch my coach home.

This year has been a difficult one for us all, with the loss of Pernell Roberts in January,
then David Dortort in September, and now Kathleen, but the love and support that we
have found through our BONANZA friends, will see us through, of that I am certain.

I send my love to you all, and in the words of Dave Allen, May your God go with you.

Little Joe forever
Love n stuff

Vickis garden
Joyce, Cherry, Aycee, Lyn, Lynne, Susan, Maggie, Richenda, Judy
Davina, Vicki, Pat, Patrica

Vickis Garden

Richenda, Patrica, Maggie Judy, Cherry, Davina, Lyn, Lynne, Aycee, Susan ,Joyce
Hosts: Vicki ( with furry friends) and Pat

Vickis Garden
Cherry, Aycee, Lyn, Lynne,Susan, Maggie, Richenda, Judy ,Sandra
(wheres Vicki gone) Pat, Patrica

Lyn with Aycee, who is enjoying a few drinks

Twins in black hats-Lyn and Aycce

New Bonanza friend,Cherry with Judy and Richenda

Quick on the draw-Patrica and Lyn

Davina with Liz

Patricia and Brian

Susan with Butch

Pat, Lynne, Davina and Aycee with their raffle prizes

Taking the fresh air -Patrica,Cherry, Aycee, Rechenda,Maggie and Judy

Dinner at Spice Island-Portsmouth

Richenda, Patricia, Maggie, Vicki, Tom, Lynne, Lyn, Pat, Judy, Aycee
(Sitting down our lovely waitress )

Lynne Patricia

Richenda, Patrica, Maggie,Vicki, Lynne, Lyn, Sandra, Aycee, Judy, Pat

Vicki and Lynne

Tom (Vickis son ) entertaining us at Spice Island

Vicki -Toms new band member
Great entertainment from Tom

View from The Spice Island- changing colours of the Spinnaker Tower

16th/17th/18th September

It was eleven years since Vickis first Bonanzathon, when once again we gathered 
at Vickis, to enjoy another of her get-togethers.

This time only ten of us made it, including Joyces lovely husband Brian. But despite this
we still had a great time.

We had our usual raffle with the £45  raised going to the Cats Protection League.

Pat set her notorious quiz , which Vicki won, Maggie came second and Lyn and I drew
for third place. I cant believe I did so badly in the picture round, seeing as I noticed some
of the captures were the same as I had used for the GTE over the last year, but still could 
not recall the episode they were from.

For the second time I played my little memory game, but as my memory is very poor I 
cant remember who won what, but I believe Lyn and Vicki won a couple on things they
had their eyes on. Vicki also won the buffalo, which I was pleased about, as I knew he 
would have a good home. I had brought two back from Yellowstone National Park some
years ago and given this one to my mum.

On Saturday night we had a lovely meal at the Osborne View Pub and Restaurant.

When we returned to Vickis we played her Bonanza family game. This was great fun, 
made more so by Brian, who unfortunately did not retain his winners title. I cant 
remember who won-maybe someone can let me know.

By Monday everyone except Pat and myself had left for home and on Tuesday morning 
Vicki and Pat left for a short holiday in Norfolk - after taking ages trying to plan there route 
with a 2006 map and a sat-nav. Pat then remembered the horse sanctuary they were 
heading for had only been open a short time, which meant It didnt appear on the map or 
show on the sat-nav-I dont think they ever found it.

At last they set of leaving me with dear Liz ( rub my tummy) Arthur and 
naughty ( but nice) Merlin. 
I then spent a peaceful couple of days on my own before David joined me on Friday and 
Vicki from holiday.


                                 Out to dinner -Osborne View Pub and Retaurant
                                                   Ellen, Maggie, Pat, Vicki , Patricia
                                                     Cherry, Lyn Sandra and Joyce

                                                                    Joyce with husband Brian

                                 Brian , Cherry and Sandra -playing Bonanza happy family game

Cherry, Sandra and Lyn

Taking it easy at the Boanzathon -Arthur and Merlin

                                                     Dear Liz

                                                 Lee-on -the -Solent
                                                    View from Vickis window