1.                                   Shimens Treasures

                                  Pictures and Articles collected by Wendy, over many years



Ponderosa Steak House Sugar
Id saved it since the 1980s

        I bought this for £5. 42" waist. Too big to wear but love buckle and tooled leather.
               Looks Texan with Longhorns/ oil well but they could be for drilling water.


       Tooled leather, decorated stagecoaches, horses and Cacti       



Photo from the Episode Fallen Woman

Fallen Woman, the episode I watched yesterday, a favourite episode of mine. I loved
the way Dan portrayed Hoss in this. Its as I see him, determined and caring. He didnt
fancy her but loved Petey, knowing they shouldnt be separated. He reunited them and
then I felt sorry for him at the end because deep down hes yearning for a wife and
children of his own. Which I give him in my saga. He looked great too, especially
when she tried to hug him. I wish.......



My Trip to the west coast of the US

The 23 day coach trip 1st - 23rd June - we did with Insight Travel + 4 nights
in Denver.
Wed flown there before, hired a car and headed for the mountains so
this time we explored and liked the city. Wed visited most of the overnight stops when
fly/driving in the 1980s-90s but not the Dakotas. We enjoyed walking round the base
of Devils Tower. Listening to a man of the Lakota tribe at the Centre set up by
Kevin Costner. We saw his bronze statues of a Buffalo chase.
Very impressive.

The monument dedicated to Crazy Horse will be even more impressive when completed, not
in our life-time. We were pleased to visit Mt.Rushmore at last and thought the walk-way up
to the monument added dignity. We still love Bryce Canyon and Yellowstone. It was 104F
at Lake Powell, where we went on a boat trip. Our Tour Director, Joseph, played the DVD
Dances With Wolves when driving across the plains/Bad Lands as it was filmed there and at
Spearfish in Zion, where wed stayed in a log cabin.

We were pleased that Jenny Lake in the Tetons is as yet unspoiled. Its beautiful. Jackson
is still a wacky cowboy town, as is Deadwood. We had a guided tour in an old school bus there.
Itd be even better if they didnt park the cars on the main streets. It would be like going back in time......

We flew to San Francisco, 1st June and went on a "Hippy walk" and another day saw a whale
whilst walking across the Golden Gate Bridge. En route to Denver we saw lots of Buffalo, Prong
Horns, Moose, Prairie Dogs, a few Grizzlies and Black bears. One Mother had 2 cubs.

Yosemite was very busy but this time there was a lot of water so the falls were

We whizzed by Dan Blockers beach! I managed to get a photo of the sign. The Driver wanted
to stop but couldnt. Fortunately Id taken photos from the coach of the coastline.

When in Los Angeles we visited theatres where Houdini and Judy Garland had started out on
their careers. Hollywood - Walk of Fame, Graumans. We still dont like Las Vegas. Theyve covered
Fremont Street so people fly by on zip wires. The night time fountains werent there the last time
we visited.

Salt Lake City is still the same - beautiful buildings and very clean.

Wed pre-booked from UK a guide to escort us around Denver. This included a mining steam train
journey - The Georgetown Loop. The little steam train attempted to pull 9 open air coaches but
couldnt get going so 2 Diesel engines had to come down and pull it up the first hill, after that it was
fine. Really good views when on the trestle bridge, looking down at the river. We went as far as
Silver Plume. Wed driven here on another trip and its where I wrote Hoss as being born on the
wagon train as he states in an episode that he was born "In Colorado".

On that happy note, Ill end my saga😊


 We were shown all over the place, Louise and Tom said theyd take us where
others dont usually go but I could take photos, so I said, out of respect for them
as its their home, Id only distribute the main room. They were happy with that.


 Me with Tom and Louise


                              Its a display in the Buffalo Bill Centre of the West of the guns etc.
                                                                    of Ben, Hoss and Joe.


I found it whilst waiting for a steam train to come in. Its a compilation of recipes
from the actors and/or their characters.




                             Me with Joseph, Tour Director

On the left is Joseph our Tour Director. David is more or less next to him, behind another
man. Ive got the wind blowing hair across my faces

Salt Lake City



Candy Pictures


                                               Me on Honky Tonk Street, Nasshville


Check this out-It is a song from a variety TV showJohn Wayn hosted back in the
There are many guest singers you will recognize, many of whom are not
with us any longer  






Here is the article from National Enquirer -

The Ship Has Hit The Fan!.....

(Vicious war over Michael Landons $17 billion sunken treasure)

Nearly 30 years after his tragic death, star Michael Landon is being cheated out of billions
in shipwreck treasure, charge insiders.

The Columbian government claims its navy has finally located the wreck of the San Jose, a
Spanish galleon sunk in a battle with the British off the coast of Cartagena in 1708.

But Michael and a group of U.S. investors had already found the lost ship in 1982 - and were
banned from excavating the site!

"They made it very clear to us, in writing, that if we tried to go back, they would meet us with
military force", says Ken Harbeston, now 83, of Sea Search Armada, which was financed by

The groups been fighting for their rights in court for decades.

The San Jose is probably the richest shipwreck ever, and they want all of it and they dont want to
pay for it", he blasts. "Its total betrayal".

"And, Michael, who died of pancreatic cancer in 1991 at age 54, would be outraged, too", says a

"Michael must be rolling over in his grave", says the source. "He was just like the characters he
played on TV - hated injustice.

He invested in this adventure when he was worth millions, riding high with Little House on
the Prairie.

He was fascinated with shipwrecks, their treasure and the brave sailors who risked their lives to
seek new worlds. He wanted to bring history to life.

Sadly, he was screwed out of his chance while he was alive - and now his heirs and all the
other investors are being ripped off".

The San Jose was carrying 600 men and two tons of platinum with emeralds and other gems, now
valued at $17 billion, when it sank during the War of Spanish Succession.

It lay in its unknown watery grave until Michael and other investors spent $12 million to rent a
deep-water submarine and made their huge discovery in 1982.

The Columbian government reneged on the deal to pay them 50 per cent of whatever they found - but
Ken vows to keep fighting. "Were not giving up", he says.

Dear Dan

Some people say, "Actions speak louder than words". I cant bake you a cake or hug you but I can
re-confirm in writing the love and admiration Ive felt for you since I was 12. Im patiently wishing that
one day I can draw back the curtain covered in stars and tell you in person.

l hope you are sharing your special day with loved ones.

Treasured memories never fade.


Wendy XX

Dear Dan,

Welcome to my garden,
Full of lovely memories -
Forget-me-nots for Dad,
Honeysuckle for Mum whose birthday is today.
A yellow rose called Chinatown for you.
Please visit whenever you wish.
Ill be waiting.....

Wendy XX



A Valentine Message......


For Hoss........

I can always find the time to write and say
How much I love you on this special day.
You mean the world to me.
Sometimes its harsh but within your arms
Troubles melt like snow.
Thank you for being you.
Happy Valentines Day, my darling.




Adam with little girl


There were lots of these Elephants scattered around both  shopping malls in Nottingham
the other day and thought Brits members would like to see them




Snowflakes fall silently to the ground, covering your footsteps.........
Would that I were one, Id melt against your heart.
I feel I will never see you again!

Ah....within the rustling of the branches, I hear a familiar sound....
Your laughter echoes all around me until I see your smiling face
And nestle within your arms.

Hi Folks

In next weeks TV Times ( Agust 2013 ) which I bought today, theres an article at the back about Des OConnors past performances.
Joy of joys! Theres a photo of him with Dan. Its a coincidence, of course, but I can only hope that Des took pity on me
after Id spoken to him about Dan whilst on the cruise. I told him Id missed that particular Show! Now Ive got dates, I
can pin it down to Wednesday, 3rd June 1970. Thats when David was moving to Cheshire and I was going to be
stuck in Nottingham until we could find a house..then you can see Dan and Des with Mireille Mathieu .

Apparently the Show was put on by the Kraft Music Hall for NBC and filmed at Ellestree Studios, London. Soon afterwards Des was offered a Contract to work in the States, which he accepted. He liked Dan and said he was a nice person.
He darent say anything other with me around LOL He and his wife had been visiting her Mother who was ill in Sydney, where
they got on our ship. We had him to blame for the Force 12 hurricane after that! He said he and the Head of P & O are big
friends. They left in Brisbane.







             Wendy scanned this from  a book called - Tim Boxers Jewish
            Celebrity Anecdotes. Published by Jonathon David, Inc.
            NY - 1996










                                                                                               To Hoss

My love for you spans many years.
I knew from first we met thered be no other.
You give me shelter from lifes storms...
To feel your arms around me,
To look into your caring eyes,
Gives me strength to carry on.

Thank you for those special years.

My wish for you.....may there be many more.


Shimen XXXX

                                                                         Candy and the Cartwrights





       Dan with (baby)Gillian Greene



















                                                            Back Covers






                                        Wendy and David at the Ponderosa 1983


Dear Dan,

To celebrate your birthday Ive set some Lily of the Valley in our little Memorial
Garden, outside the patio windows.
I think of you every day and hopefully next Spring therell be a lovely display
dedicated to you because your are still
much loved and missed.


Wendy X



              Ive found the photos of the stunt rider and horse Ive been on about for years. 
              They appeared in Bonanza but I dont know which episode. I met them at The
              American Adventure, Notts.

                 Horse who appeared in Bonanza and First Knight - Richard Geere/Sean Connery
                 film about Lancelot and King Arthur





 To my love....

When you wrap your arms around me, I feel safe.
When our hearts beat in tandem, you give me strength.
When you smile at me, I come alive!
Thank you for being my Valentine.



To my Darling....

The love I have for you is endless.
It sparkles as ripples upon a lake,
Pours as in torrents over waterfalls,
And sighs like the wind through pines.

It is steadfast and relentless,
Matching your free spirit.
Remembering, my love, all we’ve shared together,
Our hearts beating as one.

Love, Shimen

Thought,Old and new

“The last visitor has gone......

It was good to see old friends. I’m pleased Doc. Martin could make it, and
Roy. Mother Nature raised her veil and the Pass was clear. She’s lowering it again.
How silently she moves.

The boys were worked hard, decking the room with pine
and laurel. That is some
tree! Hoss
had had his eye on it for a few weeks. Like the rest of us, he’s more
relaxed, knowing Adam is safely returned.
My firstborn is now a man. Elizabeth, you would be proud of him. To see how
polished he was when greeting people and how accomplished he is at waltzing!
Many a maid will sigh in her sleep tonight. It’s good to have him home. I hope he stays.....

Hop Sing worked wonders, as usual. Hardly anything left. I hope he has reserves
for tomorrow! I know one who’ll be sorely disappointed with leftovers.
Oh Inger, I wish you could see our son.....but I’m sure you’ve been watching
how he struggles. That raw determination never falters. He’s a son to be proud
of. I hopethere’s a special woman on the horizon who’ll encourage him when
he lacks confidence and laughs with him and not at him. He has so much love
to give.

Joe seems to change daily! For the better I might add. Adam is a steadying
influence, although there’s strong sibling rivalry which can be wearisome!
Roy commented that Joe has calmed down a lot and is starting to think
thingsthrough, rather than charge at full tilt. Coming from him is reassuring.
He understands people!

Well, it’ll soon be Christmas morning so I should go to bed, instead of walking
around, talking to myself! I must remember to move that vase before we
have another get together. Joe caught it just in time. Whirling skirts....ah
but it made me feel young, alive again!

Thank you Lord for my three healthy sons and our warm shelter.......
and thank you, Lord for dear friends near and far. Please keep them safe if
travelling and wrap your arms around those who are in pain or need consolation.

 By Wendy















 San Francisco before the earthquake
This film, originally thought to be from 1905 until David Kiehn with the Niles
Essanay Silent Film Museum figured out exactly when it was shot. From New
York trade papers  announcing the film showing to the wet streets from recent
heavy rainfall & shadows indicating time of year & actual weather and
conditions on historical record, even when the cars were registered (he even
knows who owned them and when the plates were issued!).. It was filmed only
four days before the Great California  Earthquake of April 18th 1906 and shipped
by train to NY for processing
Amazing, but true!



                                                 To My Beloved....
                                         We met beside a shining lake,
                                        The blue of your eyes my breath did take.
                                        So many years have passed us by,
                                        Each one as but a single sigh.
                                        On this St.Valentines day I pledge
                                        To love you as upon the day we wed.
                                        The mountains share our memories
                                        Of love, joy and sometimes sorrow.
                                        Before them I renew my pledge,
                                        As I do upon each morrow.







                            Dirk during filming of Little House on the Prairie.


                                                              Photo includes Michael on Bike



                                        From Broken Ballard-Is that a  cigarette in Hosss hand?




  Wedding to Lyn Noe-Dan is best man

                     Dean Martin holding the bottle with Dan laughing at the side of him


              From left to right -Chad Everett, Larry Ward Michael and Jack Elam