Born May 18th 1928 Died January 24th 2010
Once again your special day is here,
But we just want to shed a tear.
Because we cannot celebrate,
As you’re in heaven on this date.
We loved you as Adam, Ben’s eldest son.
Protecting the homestead, but also having fun.
Winding up Hoss, teasing Little Joe.
Throwing out sarcastic quips, was why we loved you so.
We missed you when you left, the enigmatic man in black.
But respected your need to go, even though you never came back.
You moved on to other things, parts that put you to the test.
But to us you will always be Adam, the role we loved the best.
Thank you Pernell for sharing your talent with us
Little Joe forever
Lynne May 18th 2019


B. December 10th 1928 D. May13th 1972
Today we mourn the loss of Dan; it always makes us sad
A lady lost her husband, 4 children lost their Dad
And the rest of us, we lost a friend, from off the TV screen
Who brought us joy in a Western show; the best there’s ever been.
As Hoss, he loved his family, and the friends whom he held so dear.
He would fight to the death to save them; the bad guys would tremble in fear.
But he could also be caring and kind, and would always help out where he could
Some cynics might say he was soft, but I just think he was good.
There are not enough good men like him around, anymore.
We miss you Dan
Little Joe forever
Lynne May 13th 2019


Born October 31st 1936 Died July 1st 1991

Happy Birthday to Michael, up there in Heaven.
Another year’s rolled by, it’s now been twenty seven,
Since we said goodbye to you, and the post won’t go that far,
So we cannot send a card, but we can still see your star.

You shone so bright on earth, you must do the same up there.
The brightest star in the sky, it shows how much you care.
You looked after your family, and the ones who called you friend.
They always knew you had their backs, on you they could depend.

And now you’re up in Heaven, with, Adam, Hoss and Pa.
To me you’re forever Little Joe, my number one, by far.
Your cheeky smile, your lovely eyes, I loved you from the start.
You had the face of an angel, and you still have a place in my heart.

Happy Birthday Michael
Little Joe forever
October 31st 2018


b.February 12th 1915 d. September 11th 1987

Today’s the day we said goodbye to our dear Lorne, or is that Ben?
The two became synonymous; they both were real good men.
We loved them both, and so were sad
To have to say farewell, to TV’s greatest Dad.

But now he’s riding across the range, with the boys, in heaven.
With Hop Sing, Roy and Paul, they are the magnificent seven
I’m sure they are still righting wrongs,
Teasing each other, and singing songs.

You are sorely missed, Lorne. Real gentlemen like you are hard to find
My thoughts are with your family and friends
Little Joe forever





Born October 31st 1936 Died July 1st 1991

Another year has passed us by, another year to mourn and cry.

And yes, I do still shed a tear, for a friend I never knew, but loved so dear.

But then I see that smiling face, and hear that giggle, which can easily erase

Any signs of sadness, doom and gloom, and bring much gladness back into the room.

So, I will rejoice for the talent he brought to our screen

The most gorgeous man I had ever seen.

And watch the love he shared with his brothers and his Dad

The best family on TV that we have ever had

My thoughts are with Cindy and all the children on this sad day

RIP Mike

Little Joe forever

Lynne July 1st 2018


      Valentines Day
     To my Valentine, Hoss

I miss you when you go away and my heart still skips a beat when I see you
walk through the door.
No words can convey how much I love you.

Shimen XXX
Maybe not at good at Wendys as its just off top of my head.

Roses are red, and you looked good in red.
Violets are blue, my favourite colour for you.
A yellow coat you wore to cover your black
when all you needed to keep you warm was a
big hug from meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



Now that Wendy and Maggie have thrown down the gauntlet,
I felt I had to write something for my boy, too

For my Joe

Today’s the day to tell your man
That he’s the best one in the land
But I would tell Joe every day
Because he’s just perfect in every way

His hairs the best, his eyes so green.
That smile, that butt, the best ever seen.
I’ve loved this boy forever, that I cannot deny
And I know I will love him, until the day I die.

Little Joe forever
Lynne Feb 14th 2018




October 31st 2017

Born October 31st 1936 Died July 1st 1991

Another year has passed us by, another year to mourn and cry.

And yes, I do still shed a tear, for a friend I never knew, but loved so dear.

But then I see that smiling face, and hear that giggle, which can easily erase

Any signs of sadness, doom and gloom, and bring much gladness back into the room.

So, I will rejoice for the talent he brought to our screen

The most gorgeous man I had ever seen.

And watch the love he shared with his brothers and his Dad

The best family on TV that we have ever had

My thoughts are with Cindy and all the children on this sad day

RIP Mike

Little Joe forever

Lynne July 1st 2018


For Dan Blocker
Born December 10th 1928 Died May 13th1972

Today’s the anniversary of the passing of a man,
We knew and loved as Hoss, but his real life name was Dan.
He was a caring, loving father, a devoted husband, true.
Although to us he was a ‘big brother’ and a loyal son to his Pa, too.

He held the ranch together, with his strength and common sense.
And mended all the arguments, much like he’d mend a fence.
He was the glue that fixed the cracks when Adam and Joe fell out.
And even though they teased him, they loved him; there’s no doubt.

My thoughts are with your family today
Little Joe forever
May 13th 2018




b.10.12.1928 d. 13.05.1972

Happy Birthday, dear Dan, up there in the sky.

I’m sure God’s made you an angel, even though you cannot fly*

But you were good and kind, and honest and true,

Happy to help out and see things through.

Well, maybe that was Hoss, or maybe that was Dan.

Most likely a bit of both; you seemed a decent man.

And you loved your family, of that there was no doubt,

And strove to take good care of them, as that’s what life’s about.

Thanks Dan, for all the fun on the Ponderosa

We will always remember you

Little Joe forever

Lynne December 10th 2017



MICHAEL LANDON b. Oct 31st 1936 d. July 1st 1991

Another year goes rolling by, and now it’s Halloween.

Your favourite time in all the year; the time to make folk scream!

But also, it’s your birthday, at least it would have been,

So laughter should be on the cards, but we can only dream.

Because you left us, long ago, and so I feel like tears,

But as you wouldn’t approve of that, instead I just say cheers

To the most gorgeous boy who ever lived, in my opinion, at least

I loved you most as Little Joe, but even as a beast.

Happy Birthday up in heaven, Mike

Thinking of Cindy and all your children on this special day

Little Joe forever

Love ‘n’ stuff





B. FEB 12TH 1915 D. SEP.11TH 1987

The sad anniversary has come around, again,

As the Bonanza theme is pounding in my brain.

And I think of Pa, with his boys by his side.

Climbing into their saddles, to the shout, ‘Let’s ride.’

My heart was heavy, when I heard the news.

If I’d had the voice, I would’ve sung the blues.

But, I couldn’t do that, so, instead, I cried,

As I couldn’t take in that our Pa had died.

Thank you for being the best Pa on our TV screens, ever

R.I.P. Lorne Greene

Little Joe forever

Lynne Sep.11th 2017



Memories of Michael
Born October 31st 1936 Died July 1st 1991

Another year’s gone flying by
And still the loss can make me cry
At 54 you still had so much to give
And with your young family you so wanted to live

But fate can deal a very low blow
And decided it was your time to go
But we shouldn’t dwell on all that bad
As all that does is make us sad

And you preferred to laugh, not to cry.
Although you did that well, you cannot deny.
We loved you with Pa, with half pint and Mark
You brought us sunshine, even when days were dark.

Thinking of Cindy and your children today
Little Joe forever
July 1st 2017



Born December 10th 1928 Died May 13th 1972

The sad anniversary is here, once again
A day we recall, with a fair bit of pain
Our big, friendly man, who was so tough and strong
Was taken by a blood clot, somehow it seems wrong

But while he was here, he lived life to the full
He laughed and he loved, but he took no bull.
He was a caring father, and a loving man.
Whether being Hoss, or being Dan.



Born May 18th 1928 Died January 24th 2010

Can’t send a card, that makes it hard
But post doesn’t go that far
You were Ben’s eldest boy, his pride and joy
His love shone out like a star.

When you left, we felt bereft
There was a hole where you used to be
But you had your own course to plot, new horizons to spot
And we respected your need to be free.

Thank you for sharing your talent with us, Pernell
Happy Birthday
Little Joe forever
May 18th 2017



        b.Feb.12th 1915 d.Sept.11th 1987

I wish I could send a card to say, Happy Birthday, Pa.

For amongst all the TV dads; you were the brightest star.

You ran the Ponderosa, with a firm and steady hand.

And at the same time raised three boys; the best ones in the land.

There was cool, calm, collected Adam, definitely your right hand man.

And tall, strong, big hearted Hoss, someone to lean on, if ever in a jam.

And lastly, but by no means least, Little Joe, smallest in weight and height,

But always there to help his brothers, and always first in line for a fight.

You did a great job bringing up those boys.

And they, in turn, brought you many joys.

It was lovely seeing you on our screen

The best TV family theres ever been.

Happy Birthday Lorne

Thank you for all the fun you brought us, by bringing Ben Cartwright to life.

Hope youre having a ball on the Ponderosa in Heaven with Hop Sing and your boys.

Little Joe forever


February 12th 2017




b.10.12.1928 d. 13.05.1972

Although many years have passed us by,

We never will forget.

The man who brought our Hoss to life.

Cos we still watch him, yet.

He really was, larger than life.

And kind and decent, too.

He loved his kids, and his wife.

And to his friends, stayed true.


December 10th 2016

Little Joe forever



                                                          ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE TO LORNE GREENE

B. Feb 12th 1915 D. September 11th 1987

No matter how many years go by,

I still remember this day, and it makes me cry.

We lost ‘our Pa’, the best we’d ever seen.

No more would we see his face, upon our TV screen.

A wonderful man on TV, and in real life, too.

He was sensitive and kind, and always had time for you.

That’s what people who knew him, always used to say.

And no bad word has been said, since then, or up to this day.

Thanks for bringing our Pa to life, Lorne

Love to your family, especially on this difficult day


Little Joe forever


September 11th 2016




Anniversary Tribute to Michael Landon

B. October 31st 1936 D. July 1st 1991

Twenty five years ago today, you were taken away.

Far too soon, was what we said, far too young for you to be dead.

You were loved by so many fans, and I’m sure you had plenty of plans

To go on making good TV; to be enjoyed by the whole family.

But instead you had to go, and I really mourned my Little Joe.

The boy I had watched on my TV screen; the most gorgeous boy I’d ever seen.

And after all this time I miss you still, though you never knew and never will.

But I will always keep you close to my heart, as I have done from the very start.

Miss you forever, forget you never

Love to Cindy and all the children

Little Joe forever


July 1st 2016

It seems like happiness is just a thing called Joe,
Hes got a smile that makes the lilacs want to grow.
Hes got a way that makes the angels heave a sigh
When they know Little Joes passing by.
Lyrics by Yip Harburg 1940



Born May 18th 1928 Died January 24th 2010

I always used to send a card.

And now I can’t; I find that hard.

As I wanted you to know I cared,

And how much I loved the things you shared.

Your singing voice, your handsome face,

Your wit; no one could take your place.

And your serious side was a good thing, too.

You helped right the wrongs that people went through.

The world is a sadder place without you, Pernell

On this special day, I wish I could wish you well.

Little Joe forever


May 18th 2016



b. May 18th 1928 d. January 24th 2010

This day was a tough one to bear.

He was the last of the Cartwrights to go.

And then there was no one to care,

If bad things were said, of the show.

But, of course, we know that’s not true,

As there are still many fans left, to say,

That the Cartwrights were best, through and through.

They just don’t make ‘em like that, today.

We all loved you so much, Pernell.

And we were sad to say goodbye.

When you left the show, we wished you well,

And when you died, we said RIP, big guy

Little Joe forever


January 24th 2016



b. Dec.10th 1928 d. May 13th 1972

Happy Birthday, dear Dan,

You were a big man,

Inside and out, it is true.

And thinking about your birthday, when we can’t send a card,

Well, that just makes us blue.

On the screen, as Hoss, you ruled supreme.

You were part of a family; the best there’s ever been.

Living with your Pa and brothers,

Righting wrongs, and helping others.

No one could beat you in a fight.

You were always on the side of right.

A real nice guy, through and through.

And that’s why we send this wish to you.

Hope the boys are helping you celebrate on the Ponderosa

 in the sky.
Bet Hop Sing has been cooking up a storm to provide

you with a feast fit for a king.

Happy Birthday, Dan

Little Joe forever

Lynne December 10th 2015.


Dear Dan
10th soon comes round.
Thoughts of Christmas but that doesnt stop me thinking of you.
Nothing could do that.
I here your husky voice and see your beautiful blue eyes.
I wish I could give you a Birthday/Christmas hug.
Wendy xxx


                                               b. Dec.10th 1928 d. May 13th 1972

                                                    Dan blocker happy birthday in heaven Hoss



                                     ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE TO LORNE GREENE

b.February 12th 1915 d.September 11th 1987

Another year has now gone by, but still we miss the man.

The one we knew as Pa, or Ben; the head man of the clan.

He was loved by everyone he knew; the big ones and the small.

He worked hard to earn their respect; by being fair to all.

And his family loved him, too, and on this anniversary day,

I am sure they will be remembering him, in their own particular way.

And we, in the Bonanza world, will also play our parts

To keep this special man, alive, and always in our hearts.

R.I.P. Lorne Greene

September 11th 2015

Little Joe forever


It seems like happiness is just a thing called Joe,
Hes got a smile that makes the lilacs want to grow.
Hes got a way that makes the angels heave a sigh
When they know Little Joes passing by.
Lyrics by Yip Harburg 1940





b. December 10th 1928 d. May 13th 1972

Happy Birthday dear Dan,

You really were a big man.

In every sense of the word,

Well, that’s what Ive heard.

Loving to your family, like any good husband, father, or son.

Going out for a beer, playing cards, racing cars, just having fun.

Meeting the folks you grew up with; always happy to say howdy.

Just enjoying life with friends, even if sometimes it got rowdy!

But on the set you worked real hard,

Even if Bonanza wasnt quite the ‘bard’.

You would give your best, in every take.

And you could make us cry, when dealing with heartbreak.

Happy Birthday, Dan

You left us far too soon

Little Joe forever


December 10th 2014




MICHAEL LANDON b.Oct.31st1936-d.July1st1991

It’s that time of the year, when the witches are here

And you hear them cackling, as they fly.

But the loudest giggle, which will make you cheer,

Is from Michael; up there in the sky.

He loved to laugh, but sometimes he cried

The same as we did, on the day he died.

But we also know he preferred the smiles to come through

And on this day of his birth, laughing is what we should do.

And watch our boy, up there on the screen.

Looking young and fit, the best cowboy ever seen.

Having fun with his brothers, and his Pa.

Twinkling at us all; he was the brightest star.

Happy Birthday, Mike

Thanks for all the fun you shared with us

Little Joe forever


October 31st 2014



Born February 12th 1915 Died September 11th 1987

I can watch you on the TV, every single day.

I can hear your voice and see your face; you don’t seem so far away.

But then I think about the years and how they’ve gone rolling by.

And I know that you’re not here, with us, and that can make me cry.

You were the perfect father; of that there is no doubt.

And the boys, well they all loved you, even when you started to shout.

And what is more they knew, deep down, your love for them was strong.

You would always be right there, for them, even when they were in the wrong.

And the four of you would stand so tall, and fight whoever tried

To take away your land, or damage a Cartwright hide.

Just like the musketeers, it was one for all and all for one

From when the sun rose in the morning, ‘til it set and the day was done.

Thank you, Lorne, for all the joy you gave us

Little Joe forever


September 11th 2014.



Born October 31st 1936 Died July 1st 1991


We lost you a long time ago,

But it doesn’t hurt any less, you know?

When we think about your life being snuffed out, so soon.

Like a flickering candle, fighting against a typhoon.


The typhoon was cancer,

And for that, we have no answer.

People still die,

And loved ones still cry.


But we still love you, dear.

On that you should never fear.

We’ll never forget you, as Jonathan, Charles, or Joe.

Looking out for others, righting wrongs was your way to go.


Thanks for the love, laughter and friends your legacy has given us

Little Joe forever


July 1st 2014




b.May 18th 1928-d.January 24th 2010

It’s time, again, to sing the little ditty, Happy Birthday to you.

But it doesn’t make us happy; in fact it makes us blue.

Cos you’re not here to hear it, or to know how much we care.

So let’s hope your ‘family’ will sing instead, with their usual flair.

They all liked to sing, although not all as well as you.

They may have lacked talent, but enthusiasm shone through.

So I’m sure they are singing it, loud and clear.

To number one son, and ending with a cheer.

Best wishes Pernell, from all your fans

May 18th 2014

Little Joe forever


It seems like happiness is just a thing called Joe,
Hes got a smile that makes the lilacs want to grow.
Hes got a way that makes the angels heave a sigh
When they know Little Joes passing by.
Lyrics by Yip Harburg 1940





  Anne Carruthers (Aycee)

b. 18/08/47 d. 08/02/14


I wanted to write a few words to mark the passing of our dear friend, Aycee. Her real
name was Anne Carruthers, but her initials were the same as her favourite
man, Adam Cartwright, so she was known by us all as Aycee.


The first time I met her she had travelled down from Scotland with another Bonanza
buddy, Lyn, in order to attend one of our regular Bonanzathons, held at Vicki’s house
in Lee-on-the-Solent. Aycee was not a fan of flying, yet this was the quickest way to
get all the way down the country. So, Lyn promised to travel with her and hold
her hand, if necessary, even though they had never met before. It turned out to be
very necessary, but they got to Vicki’s and we all had a terrific week end, as we always

Aycee turned out to be just what we have come to expect from Bonanza pals. She
was always ready to muck in with whatever needed doing, always up for a laugh
and one of the kindest people I have ever met.
She knew I was a big fan of Eeyore and often sent me little Eeyore related gifts; one
of them being a pair of Eeyore socks. I wore them today, as it was her funeral.

When I held a small Bonanza gathering, jointly with my friend Jackie,
in Cheshire, Aycee attended and once again we had a fantastic week
end. We played lots of silly games and she was there having a go,every time.
We also met up at the 50th anniversary get together in Liverpool. Aycee was a big
fan of country and western music and had us trying to do some dancing, with varying

I think that the way she planned out her funeral showed what a fun loving person she
was. She didn’t want tears, she wanted laughter, and she ensured that by choosing
Spike Milligan poems to be read, her hat, holster and boots were on her coffin and
the mourners left to
the sound of the Bonanza theme.

Goodbye Aycee


February 14th 2014

By Lynne, for all friends of Aycee



b. February 12th 1915 d. September 11th 1987

This ditty is to wish you, Happy Birthday dear Lorne.

It’s been 99 years since the day you were born.

The world has sure changed, some for good, some for bad.

But I know we still miss you, and that makes us sad.

You were the best father, TV had ever shown.

An example to all, that a man can stand alone.

And do a good job, as a mother and a dad.

Be kind when it was needed, but yell when the kids were bad.

And your three boys all loved you, of that you can be sure.

Even though they gave you grey hair, and often slammed the door.

Yet they’d be the first to tell you, just how great you are.

And that, if only in their sky, you were the brightest star.

Happy Birthday, Lorne

Hope the boys are throwing a BONANZA of a party for you

Little Joe forever


February 12th 2014



Born May 18th 1928 Died January 24th 2010

The 24th of January became a very sad day

For this is the date that Pernell Roberts passed away

The last of the Cartwrights to leave this earth

Eighty one years from the day of his birth

As Adam he was the man in black.

Cool, calm and collected, always had your back.

As Trapper, he was seen in green.

Repairing people; the best doctor on the TV screen.

And as Pernell he cared, too; stood up for what he saw as right.

Marched for people’s equality, wouldn’t give up without a fight.

Cared for this planet and all the people in it

Loved to talk about the theatre and the part he played within it.

Thanks for all the joy you gave us, Pernell


Little Joe forever


January 24th 2014.


MICHAEL LANDON b. OCT.31ST 1936 d. JULY 1ST 1991

Happy Birthday, dear Mike, hope the day will be grand.

As someone like you, deserves the best in the land.

For most of my life I’ve been in love with you,

And you not being here for your birthday, always makes me blue.

‘Cos when it was your birthday, especially as it was Halloween,

You loved to throw a party, the best there’d ever been.

With lots of scary spooks, and things to make you scream.

And be afraid to sleep, in case you had a dream.

But you also loved to love, and be surrounded by laughter.

And your shows always ended with a happy ever after.

And I think you finally found that, with your lovely family,

Who must be missing you, too, today, just the same as me.

Hope Lorne, Pernell, Dan and Victor are throwing you a party to end all parties, Mike

Love you always


October 31st 2013




Born May 18th 1928 Died January 24th 2010

Happy Birthday, dear Pernell.
Hope youre celebrating in style.
Your Bonanza fans all wish you well.
For you, they would always go that extra mile.

Just like you would, for your fellow man.
You had your principles, and really cared.
Sometimes it wasnt prudent, but you were happy to carry the can.
You were always there, when others were too scared.

Im sure that Lorne, Dan, Mike and Victor, are singing a rousing song,
And you wont be able to resist joining them, and soon will be singing along.
Happy Birthday Pernell
May 18th 2013

Little Joe forever


Born December 10th 1928 Died May 13th 1972

Its been many a long year since Ben lost his boy
And the world said goodbye to a great man.
When he died he took with him a lot of our joy,
As only someone whos larger than life can.

The show couldnt really go on, without this son
Hoss was too big a character to forget
Jamie, Candy and Griff tried to make up for just one
But it didnt work out, and the sun had to set.

We can still watch him carouse, with Adam and Joe,
And show his love and respect for his Pa, Ben.
The brothers teased him, and made his temper often blow,
But he really loved all three of those men.

And they loved him, too.
R.I.P. Dan

Little Joe forever
May 2013.


Born February 12th 1915 Died September 11th 1987

Once again, the days arrived, when we wish that you were here.
So we could say happy birthday, to a man we hold so dear.
A friend to us all, thats what you were, the kind who was always true.
A great father, upon the screen; and a gentleman, through and through.

And on this special day of yours, we want to wish you well.
And let you know we still think of you, and that we always shall.
And we hope your boys are throwing a bash, as fine as they can throw.
With lots of good food, drink and dancing, with all the friends you know.

Happy Birthday
Little Joe forever
February 12th 2013


Born October 31st 1936 Died July 1st 1991

I cant believe its July, once more.
When sadness, again, comes knocking at my door.
I have a pain in my heart, when I think about you going away.
I wish you hadnt gone; I know you wanted to stay.

It was all too soon; you had so much more to give.
And you left a young family, who desperately wanted you to live.
But in your inimitable way, you faced the end, with a smile.
Dyed your roots, talked to Carson, and told jokes, all the while

I loved you at six, I still love you now.
I know that you werent perfect, but you made me say `wow.
Your smile and your giggle, your gorgeous hair and eyes.
Your youthfulness and love of life, I bet you still hear the sighs.

They come from all those ladies, who love you just like me.
But Im happy to share (although I know I am Queen Bee)
The one that you come home to, if only in my dreams.
And the one, who in my stories, always has the best schemes.

Miss and love you, Mike, forever

(Little Joe forever July 1st 2012)


Born May 18th 1928 Died Jan 24th 2010

Happy Birthday, Pernell.
We always wish you well.
Although now we cannot send a card,
And the loss we feel is really hard.

But you left behind a legacy for us to see,
So it sometimes feels like you are still here with me.
Whether you were the man in black or the one in green.
You were one of the best we had ever seen.

Up in heaven with Lorne, Mike, Victor and Dan,
I am sure they are treating you as the number one man.
And you all will be singing and having a lark,
From early in the morning, until late, when its dark.

Happy Birthday Pernell
Little Joe forever
May 18th 2012


FOR DAN – Born December 10th 1928 Died May 13th 1972

Once again weve reached that day,
When we heard dear Dan, had passed away.
Another year has gone, yet still we cry,
This lovely man was far too young to die.

There was so much more that he wanted to do
He had a young family that needed him, too.
There were acting roles to pursue; he had ambition.
And family goals to see come to fruition.

But it wasnt to be, and he reached the end
Of a short life, lived well, as a husband, dad and friend.
The world was a better place for having him in it
And I think he made good use of every single minute.

We all love and miss you Dan
Thinking of Dolphia and all the family today
May 13th 2012

Tribute to Dan and mum

13th May - Remembering Dan and Mom
No words can describe how I feel today.
I mourn two very special people.
I remember only too well the passing of one
And a birthday of the other.
Both of you inspire and guide me,
Your presence is still felt,
But today, forgive me if I dont cheer or smile,
The emptiness is never far away.
I wish I could give you both a hug
And wait patiently for the day
When were reunited in Heaven,
Because thats where you must surely be.
God bless you, Dan and Happy Birthday, Mom XX

Lorne Greene B.Feb 12th 1915 D.Sept.11th 1987

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Lorne
We want to send warm wishes, on the day that you were born
And we hope that you can hear them, up in Heaven with the boys
Although maybe because of the party, there might be too much noise.

As Im sure those boys are singing, and dancing up a storm.
And Hop Sings serving lots of food, and its probably getting warm.
So maybe you should stop awhile, and have a drop to drink.
And let those boys give a toast to you, one to make you think.

They will say that youre the best father they could ever have had.
And each of them was happy, to be able to call you Dad.
There were many of us, who wished that we could call you Dad, as well,
As when we saw you on the screen, we thought that you were swell.

Happy Birthday Lorne
Little Joe forever
February 12th 2012



 To Pernell Robert

Born: May 18th 1928 Died: January 24th 2010

We all mourned the death of Pernell.
Even though he left `our show; we only wished him well.
The last of the original Cartwright family to die.
Its no wonder that the thought of this, used to make us cry.

And now another year has passed us by.
Its a little easier to bear, but theres still a tear in the eye.
He was one of the good guys, even though he dressed in black.
And we all admired his decision to leave, and never to look back.

R.I.P. Pernell, although I bet you are all enjoying a sing song on the Ponderosa in Heaven, today

Little Joe forever
January 24th 2012.



Born December 10th 1928 Died May 13th 1972

Happy Birthday, dear Dan, you were a lovely man,
And one who was loved by all.
Whether being Hoss, or being Dan,
You were a man, who could never have been called small.

You were big from the start,
The biggest baby in your county.
And to match that body, you had a huge heart.
Good to your loved ones, and full of caring bounty.

I am sure that Lorne, Pernell, Mike and Victor are giving you a day to remember.
We miss you, Dan
Little Joe forever
December 10th 2011



b. OCTOBER 31ST 1936 d. JULY 1ST 1991

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday dear Mike.
Im trying to think of all the things that you like.
As I dont want to be sad, and cast a shadow on the sun.
This is your special day, and you should be having fun.

Not only is it your birthday, but its also Halloween
A time for playing pranks, the best youve ever seen.
Though I doubt that I could better you, in that particular race.
For tricks and games, you definitely were, in the number one place

You also were the number one, in the looks department, as well.
The cutest, the most handsome, in fact you were really swell.
I loved you when I was six, and I love you now Im old.
I guess that I will always love you, hope thats not being too bold?

Happy Birthday Mike
I am sure that Victor has baked up a storm, and Lorne, Pernell and Dan are putting
on the best party, ever, for the best guy, ever.
Little Joe forever
October 31st 2011


Anniversary Tribute to Lorne Greene
b. February 12th 1915 d. September 11th 1987

Although many years have passed us by, it doesnt seem that long
Since we heard the news that you had died, and had sung your very last song.
For as well as being the worlds best Pa, you also liked to sing,
And if acting hadnt taken up your time, you may well have been another Bing.

But whichever career you followed, one thing was always clear.
You did it well, and without hurting the ones who held you dear.
Because no one has ever said, a single bad thing about you.
In fact the phrase `a real good egg, suited you through and through
And we all loved to see you, as a singer, or as a Pa.
Because, whether singing or acting, you always were a star.
You loved your boys, you cared for your friends; you had so many charms
And there was always a welcoming hug at the ready, as you enfolded them in
your arms.

We miss you Lorne
Little Joe forever
September 11th 2011

                                                            Val with husband Geoff

Val David d. July 26th  2011

Val, a member of Boanzabrits sadly passed away on July 26th
Val was a great Bonanza friend and always  ready for a laugh with us.
She was a much loved wife, mother, grandmother
Val will be much missed by her family and  the Bonanza world



b.October31st1936 d.July1st1991

It was twenty years ago, today, that Michael Landon passed away.
I cant believe its been that long, as I see him on my TV, every day.
Yet I know it has to be the case, although thinking about it makes me blue,
As when I look in the mirror and see the years on my face, then I know its got to be true.

But you never got to age, did you, my darling boy?
And although we miss you immensely, you can still bring us a lot of joy.
With the wealth of TV hours, which you left for us to share.
At least, for us, it can almost feel, as though you are still there.

But for Cindy and your children, the loss to them is real.
And I think I can imagine, how days like this must make them feel.
So I send my love to them all, and hope it brings them some comfort, still.
To know how much we loved you, and how we always will.

Love you Michael
R.I.P. with Pa, Hop Sing and your brothers looking after you
Little Joe forever
July 1st 2011


May 18th 1928-January 24th 2010

Not being able to send a birthday card, this time.
Searching for one, with an appropriate rhyme
To send to someone I knew, but never met.
The full impact of that has not sunk in, just yet.

Its still not all that long ago
When we heard the words we dreaded to know
That you were no longer here on earth
And no more would we choose a card to mark your birth

Happy Birthday, Pernell
Hope youre having a great day with Lorne, Dan, Mike and Victor

Little Joe forever
May 18th 2011





Another year has already passed us by,
 But it seems its been just a blink of an eye.
 Yet its nearly forty years, since we lost our Dan.
The heart of the Ponderosa, a very special man

As middle son, Hoss, he was on the side of right.
The best man to have with you, in case there was a fight.
He would help out anyone, friend or even foe,
But the one he fought the most for, was little brother Joe.

And Dan was just the same, a good and loyal friend.
He cared about his family, from the beginning to the end.
Wealth and fame didnt alter him; he didnt take any bull
He called a spade a spade, and lived life to the full.

                       We miss you Dan
                        Little Joe forever


                  BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR PA
     Lorne Greene b.Feb.12th 1915 d.Sept.11th 1987


Happy Birthday dear Lorne, wed love to celebrate the day you were born.
But unfortunately you are not here, and that thought makes us forlorn.
However, Im sure your boys up there in he
aven, will give you a fantastic party,
And Hop Sing will see that the meals today will be very special and hearty.

For fourteen years you rode across your land, out there in the west.
With your three sons beside you, you were so much better than all the rest.
The Cartwright family were well known throughout the land.
As being fair in business, as well as being a tightknit band.

But as well as being Pa, or Ben,
You were also known as Lorne, the nicest of men.
A gentleman in every sense of the word,
About whom nothing bad, has ever been heard.

So strike up the band and take up the rug,
And greet all the ladies with a lovely big hug.
Then dance and sing, drink and eat,
For a Cartwright party, just cant be beat.

Happy Birthday Lorne
Little Joe forever

                                                                    Irene and Kathleen

It was with terrible sadness that we  said good bye to Kathleen when she passed
away in a car accident on September 19, 2010. It only continued when Irene passed
away just a few days ago. She was also in the accident and had been in the
hospital for last 4  months when  she lost her struggle to survive.


                         Photo of  Kathleen and Irene, taken in London 2010


                            b. May 18th 1928 d. January 24th 2010

A year has already passed us by; I cant believe thats true.
Yet sometimes it seems even longer, that we have been missing you.
We missed you when you left `our show, although we understood why,
But now the loss is permanent, and that thought makes us cry.

Although we try to halt the tears, knowing you had a long and happy life.
You didnt compromise your beliefs; and you defended human rights.
You played it, as you saw it, in real life and on the screen,
And as Adam Cartwright, the GOOD cowboy in black; you were one of the
best thered ever been.

I am sure there were plenty of friends, and fellow actors, waiting to greet
you, as you passed through those Pearly Gates
R.I.P. Pernell

Lynne Coulson
January 24th 2011


Hello all. just a few words on this the first anniversary of Pernell Roberts death.
He was, is and always be a special person who will remainin my heart
forever, dear Pernell, you have gone from this earth in body but your spirit
remains as does your memory in the hearts and minds of many people. It is a
blessing that you are no longer suffering and I hope sincerely that thoise that
have loved you and still love you will spend a moment on this day to remember
you in quiet reflection. I know that I am not alone in missing you but I will always
remember you and so happy that you became a part of my life.





    b. December 10th 1928 d. May 13th 1972

Dan, I really wish I could, send you a birthday card,
But I guess all the way to heaven, might make that rather hard.
And the cost of the postage, I bet, would take an arm and a leg.
And Im sure you wouldnt want me turned out on the streets, to beg?

Oh no, I dont think that would be your style, at all.
You were a big man on the inside, as well as standing tall.
You cared and you were happy to make a stand for others rights.
You gave a conscience to those people, who had no trouble
sleeping nights.

You treated everyone the same, from the lowest to those on top.
Some say you should have run for Governor, just like your fictional Pop.
And maybe if God had spared you, that might have been your path,
As there was far more to Dan than Hoss, although you both enjoyed
a laugh.

Unfortunately, we will never know, just how things might have gone,
For you were taken, far too soon, and we were left to mourn.
And so I wrote this poem, so that everyone will know,
Just how much we loved you, and how you were the heart of the show.
 Miss you Dan
Little Joe forever
December 10th 2010



             Kathleen with Mitch-Taken in May -2010 at the Livepool \Convention

                   Service sheet for our dear  Bonanza buddy, Kathleen
             21st October 1946-19th September 2010


                                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIKE
                    Born October 31st 1936 Died July 1st 1991

                         Another years gone flying by,
                        And once again, we find the words hard to say.
                        We try to smile, and not to cry.
                        When we wish you a happy birthday.

                       As we know you dont want us to be sad;
                       Youd prefer not to be mourned that way.
                       And wed hate to be the ones to make you mad,
                       As this is supposed to be a fun filled day.

                       A day on which to celebrate your birth,
                      And not to mourn your early death.
                      A day to thank God for the time you were on earth,
                      Not one to cry, for when you took your last breath.

                      So Ill raise my glass and Ill watch Little Joe
                      Ride across the Ponderosa with his brothers and Ben.
                      And Ill try not to think of the time you had to go,
                      But just remember the good times you had, back then.

                                       Thanks Mike, for all the joy
                                            Little Joe forever


                                              October 31st 2010

                             ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE TO
                                      LORNE GREENE
                           b.Feb.12th 1915 d.Sept.11th 1987

 This year has been a sad one; its no wonder we feel blue.
 Lorne, you now have two familiar faces, living up there, with you.
 First Pernell, and now David, both of them so dear,
 It isnt that surprising that weve shed so many a tear.

 But then we should look back, and remember all the fun,
 That these two, with you, gave to us, and made you number one.
 And even now, in 2010, we still see you on our TV screen.
 The four Cartwrights riding together; the best theres ever been.

 So Lorne, please make them feel comfortable, like only you can do,
 Pull up a chair, pour out a drink, and get Mike to say `yoo-hoo.
 And Victor can go to the kitchen, and return with an apple pie,
 Which you can eat together, at the Ponderosa in the sky.

Thank you Lorne, for bringing life to Mr Dortorts wonderful creation

                                             With fondest love
                                             Little Joe forever


                                   Tribute to David Dortort

                                        David Dortort in 1959

                        b. Oct. 23RD 1916 d. September 5th 2010

It is indeed a sad time in the Bonanza world, as we have just learnt of
the death of the man who gave us the show, David Dortort
From the early days of television, this man showed the rest of the
world how it was done.
He fought for, and won, the opportunity to make his new TV Western
series in colour
He also fought for the right to choose the actors to play the Cartwrights
and was not worn down by the studios wishes to use more well known
He knew what he wanted and he kept on fighting until he got it, and
he was proved right
For 14 seasons we followed the lives of the Cartwrights and they
became more than just a TV family to a lot of us; they were our friends

And because of BONANZA so many of us have also become friends
and we visit each other, as well as meeting up for conventions, and
supporting each other through the trials and tribulations of life, and

The show taught many people what family love was all about
and Ben Cartwright was the father that so many of us longed to have
This was all due to David Dortorts vision of a show that was not afraid
to show love between a father and his sons

Thank you Mr Dortort for your persistence and your genius
Condolences to Wendy, Fred and their families
Little Joe forever


                                     MICHAEL LANDON
                      b. October 31st 1936 d. July 1st 1991

Another year has passed us by, I cant believe its so.
Another year without you here; we miss you lots, you know
We loved to watch you on the screen, laughing with your pal Johnny*
Or making terrific TV shows, which were sometimes sad, and
sometimes funny.

That amazing giggle of yours, always made me laugh.
And I loved to catch a glimpse of you, soaking in the bath.
You were perfect to me; from the top of your head to the very tips of
your toes.
I loved your ears, your eyes, your butt, and even the end of your nose!

And yet I know you said you werent perfect, but then, nobody is.
There were sides to your character you didnt like, you sometimes got
in a tizz.
But that just made you human, and even more special to me.
And I loved the way you succeeded, despite a lot of adversity.

Love and miss you, Mike
Little Joe forever
July 1st 2010
*Johnny Carson


PERNELL ROBERTS b. MAY 18TH 1928 d. JAN.24TH 2010

I cannot believe that I can no longer send
A birthday greeting to this particular `friend.
Okay, friend is maybe not quite what Pernell was to me,
But when someones been part of your life for fifty years, it feels
that way,you must agree.

He was great to look at and had a nice singing voice, its true.
And even though I loved his little brother, best, I could admire
his qualities,too.
I know that he had every right to choose to leave,
But I was one of the many, who felt it was an occasion to grieve

However, now we have a more genuine reason to be sad,
For Pernell has left the stage called life, hes given us all he had.
And I can only cope with that, if I think of him in Heaven above,
With Lorne, Dan, Mike and Victor, the family who gave him love.

For Pernell
We love and miss you

Little Joe forever
May 18th 2010


13th May, 2010

Dear Dan,

Memories of you call from across the skies...
Of laughter, tears and admiration.
If only we had met.
The sound of your voice,
The twinkling of your blue eyes.
What a special day that would have been!
I can but guess at my exultation.

The passing of years has not dimmed my feelings of respect
and love.
Ride the clouds for me, my special friend,
Until I can join you on the celestial plane.
A shower of stars I wish you.
Catch them and think of me.

My Mom is 95 today. If only you could have lived that long.....

Love Wendy


Today is such a sad day, true.
And times like this just make me blue.
The world lost a great man, the day you died.
And Im pretty sure, a lot of us cried.

But I bet you wouldnt want the tears,
Youd really rather hear some cheers,
As Joe led Hoss into another plan,
Which often left Hoss, covered in flan!

For all their tricks, they loved one another.
And Dan knew that Mike saw him as a brother.
Poor Lorne was often the butt of their jokes.
But he laughed it off; thats why we love these folks.

Tribute to Dan Blocker
born Dec 10th 1928
died May 13th 1972

Little Joe forever


                         HAPPY BIRTHDAY LORNE
Born February 12th 1915, died September 11th 1987

Another year has passed us by, and now its that time again.
To wish a happy birthday to Lorne, better known as Ben.
Oh boy, I wished hed been my Pa, and Id had some of his love.
But now there is no chance of that, as hes in heaven above.

However, I know that wherever he is, hell be looking out for his boys.
Because thats what he loved to do, ever since they played with
their toys.
And now he has all three of them, once more, there, under his wing.
And as his birthday starts, today, I bet hell hear them sing.

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you.
Happy Birthday, dear Pa, happy birthday to you.
Today, on your birthday, we want to wish you all the best
And let you know that youre the greatest Pa, better than all the rest.

With love to you, Lorne, and sincere thanks for breathing life into Ben
Little Joe forever
February 12th 2010.


         Lorne Greene

Lorne Greene born february 12Th 1915,
happy birthday to you dear Lorne,
a father to many although really a few
theirs your Linda and Charles then little Gillian..
you loved them all and treasured the time you had
with them so.
on bonanza a dad to three Adam,hoss and that little Joe
who even off screen you gave advices only a father could
a strong man and you loved them as well
you were a very special man who taught us a lots
respect,love and fairness and understanding
our fellow man...
a radio star ,movies and TV you were a star in so many
sadly on Sept 11Th 1987 we lost you dear Lorne gone to
be with our father above..
so today we hope the sun shines for you and a party above
is waiting for you..
happy birthday to you...



                               A letter to Dan.............

Dear Dan,

As I enjoy a meal with my friends Ill be thinking of you, wishing you
could join us on your special day.  This year has flown and, as I raise my glass
of fruit juice in your honour, I think of all the hours I wish I could have
watched you on TV :)

My feelings for you have not diminished over the many years.  Youre still my
mentor and I love you.

God bless you and keep you safe.  Hopefully one day well meet and I can give
you a birthday kiss and hug :)



The three boys, usually so noisy and full of fun, stood silently, in a row
Eldest to youngest, although Hoss, at 16, was already taller than his big
They had come to pay respect to their mothers; Little Joes, buried in the earth
beneath them, Adams back in Boston, alongside her mother, and Hoss, in Ash
Hollow, on the trail out west.
Each had known a mothers love, although not always their own, and each had at
least one to mourn.
But Ben, alone, mourned them all, whilst thanking them for the gift they each
left him; a son.

I know that Mothering Sunday didnt exist in the time of the Cartwrights, but
this is my drabble to mark it, if it had.
Little Joe forever
Lynne March 14th 2010



Found myself with a bit of spare time, so decided to write
something to mark Valentines Day. Not that it means anything to
 me, with no partner to share it, its a bit of a non event, but
I like the idea of the Cartwrights enjoying the day
(well, hoping to, but it might not work out that way, not if Joe has
anything to do with it LOL)

Valentines Day Revenge

It was nine thirty on Valentines Day evening and
Joe had the house to himself.Well, no other Cartwright
was there, but he did have a cute little blonde called
Lindy-loo to keep him company.
He leaned back, closed his eyes and smiled.`Aw, revenge is
sweet, he thought. Hed set Adam up with
Abigail Jones, Hoss with Miss Victoria Gates*, and
Ben with Clementine Hawkins.
He had reasons to get back at the family and the forged
letters had done the trick.
"Im ready," cooed Lindy-loo from upstairs.
"Im coming," replied Joe.
It was the voice of doom.

The End (and probably the end of Little Joe LOL)
February 14th 2010
Little Joe forever
*One of the spinster ladies from the episode Land Grab


Hi all,
A while ago I dedicated a tree in memory of Pernell...
I have now received the documents.



                           A BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE TO DAN

Happy Birthday dear Dan, I hope it will be fun.
Most knew you as Hoss, Ben Cartwrights middle son.
A big man you were, so much larger than life.
Well loved by all, especially your kids, and your wife.

And today will bring them mixed feelings, some happy and some sad,
As they think about their loss, but then laugh about their Dad.
A man, whom they knew, liked to live life to the full.
Who always remembered his roots, and didnt take no `bull.

And on this special day for you, I wanted to let you know.
That your fans will never forget you; we all still love you so.
You made us laugh, you made us cry; no task was too big for you.
And up there in Heaven, as you celebrate, please dont turn the air blue!

Happy Birthday Dan
December 10th 2009

Little Joe forever


                        BIRTHDAY GREETINGS  
                                               FOR MIKE
                                   born October 31st 1936


Another year has flown by, again; I cant believe its so.
And its time to send you birthday greetings, cos I want to let you know.
Ive loved you nearly all my life, for fifty years, you see.
And thats one heck of a long time, on that you must agree.

Not that its been a hard thing to do; in fact its a whole lot of fun.
Watching you on the TV screen, as you work and you play, in the sun.
Coping with the bad times, relishing the good.
Loving your Pa and brothers, and teasing ole Hoss, about food.

And now that youre up there in heaven, Im sure that the fun doesnt stop.
Youre still happy on the ranch, with Hop Sing, Hoss, and your Pop.
And on this special day, you ride off on Buck, Cochise and Chubb.
And get to Virginia City in time, for a beer and a snack, in the pub LOL
(well, saloon to you, but it doesnt rhyme with Chubb)

Happy Birthday Mike
Love you forever
October 31st 2009


Dear Michael

You left a legacy of love and brought me friends who I hold dear.
So upon your special day, I want to thank you and
hope the thousands of good wishes reach you,
because you mean so much to so many people.

God bless you, Dan and Lorne who I hope are
celebrating with you today.
October 31st 2009
  1.                                Michael Landon remembered
                                                          By Val 

    Michael Landon,,
    A name we all know maybe as pa or little Joe or the angel from up high.
    for myself on main its little Joe the fun loving boy who we watched grow.
    from a teen to a lad from boy to man .
    who help his brothers and pa on the great ponderosa land..
    every week we settled near our TV to watch them fight and protect the land ,and
    if he was hurt,, would he pull through, my dad bless his heart would say cause
    he will..

    but Michael was real and unlike the show when he became ill no magic to show.
    no doc martin to make him well..
    o he fought tooth and nail and didnt want to go.but god decided he wanted him
    so Michael said his final his loved ones and family and fans alike
    remember me with laughter not tears he said..

    today would have been his birthday and on his cake 73 candles would Adorn his
    and all his family would help him to celebrate..
    so today lets all think of Michael and the memories we hold what ever the show
    bonanza,little house or highway to heaven one thing we each loved him so..
    so Michael and with a smile in my heart ,I wish you a happy birthday and sorry
    you had to go...
  3. October 31st 2009



David Dortort.

When David and his much lamented, late wife, Rose, moved to smaller
premises, the main problem was what they were going to do with David’s
vast collection of memorabilia. Obviously, it needed a new home where it
would be cared for and treasured, the way it had been in their home. Both
Wendy and Fred (David’s children) worked hard to find the perfect place and
finally, they decided on the Gene Autry Museum. Naturally, the museum was
only too delighted to welcome this wonderful collection.

On Sunday 20th September 2009, just a week after the 50th anniversary of the
show had been celebrated at Lake Tahoe, several celebrities from the world of
television, along with quite a few of us fans, gathered in the museum to hear
David being rightly praised for all that he had done to promote the television

The curators of the museum


After all the excitement at the convention, those of us who were lucky
enoughto still be in the vicinity were able to attend yet another tribute to
BONANZA and, more to the point, to the wonderful man who created the
first up totell us how happy they were to have the archive under their roof and
how itwould soon be on display in a new section of the museum that was going
to be dedicated to the TV Western.

Then we heard from Andy Klyde, lawyer for Bonanza Ventures, about the release
of the first season of BONANZA, to coincide with the 50th anniversary.

We were also treated to some wonderful stories, about things that happened on
the set, courtesy of Mitch Vogel (Jamie Cartwright) and Kent McCray (who
worked on Bonanza, Little House and Highway to Heaven) and, along with
his wife, Susan, were close friends, as well as work colleagues, to Michael Landon.

We heard about how the death of Dan Blocker, who died after they had finished
filming season 13, was a bitter blow to Mike and Lorne, who both regarded him as a member of their family. And when they came to film a scene in Forever, in which
they were required to cry over the death of another character, it was Dan they were crying for.

And we also heard some fun stories about how poor Mitch, who was only a boy
at the time, had to try and deliver his lines, when sat at the dining table in the
Ponderosa ranch house, with Dan and Mike conducting a food fight over his head.

And everyone who spoke also had some great things to say about Mr Dortort,
how he was generous to unknown actors, the way he fought to get them accepted
by the studio, and the way he persevered, and was proved right, in having so much
faith in the show.

To be in the same room as my hero and to hear him being honoured in this way
was certainly a magical moment for me, and one I will cherish forever.

Little Joe forever
Lynne Coulson (UK)

                                                             Photos taken by Lynne at the museum



Happy Birthday to Pa
Thats who we think you are.
A father to all, who saw you on the screen.
Your love for your sons shone through,
You knew how to turn grey skies to blue
By just a hug and a few words, in a scene.

But we know it was only what we fans wanted to see
And reality isnt quite the way wed hoped it would be.
But, maybe, at least for a little while,
We could hope that our lives could be that good.
And all our problems could be solved, the way they should.
By going home, for a hug, a brandy, and a smile.

Happy Birthday Lorne
Enjoy your special day with Dan, Victor and Mike
And thank you for the memories and the friends

Little Joe forever
February 12th 2008

December 10th 2007 would have been the 79th birthday of Dan

A letter for the 10th December 2007.......

Dear Dan

We forget teenage crushes, but my feelings for you have never waned. Thank you
for Hoss, and for the other characters you portrayed so well. Youve been a
special part of my life for many years and, on your birthday, I wish I could
tell you in person how much you mean to me.

Tomorrow night Ill be thinking of you and your family as I laugh with friends.
Its a pity you cant join us as its fancy dress. You could be the Sheikh!
With love,

Tribute by BV

The time of year has come again when people like me remember December the tenth
Happy Birthday doesnt cut it And remembering that seventy nine years ago, Ora
and Mary Blocker became the proud parents of one Bobby Dan Blocker doesnt add
up to a hill of beans

What does matter is that there is a woman who loved D for more than twenty years
and that there are sons, daughters and grand children who can claim D as there
My wish for them is that they all have a happy and healthy new year and that
they are blessed
Although it is only I wish, I do wish that D could have stayed with us

For what its worth, Ill remember to keep my family first and to invest
something, if only time in the future
In my heart, D will always have a place, in memory, D will always be strong and

Tomorrow I will count my blessings and
look forward to be with family and friends

Thank you, D for being a special part of my life


b.October 31st 1936 d. July 1st 1991

Today would have been Michael Landons 71st birthday. Fond birthday memories of
him and the pleasure he gave us in his role as the baby of the Cartwright
family, Little Joe.

Remember him with love and laughter.

Kate Pitts

Life rushes by.......
It seems like only yesterday
You first rode across our screens,
With an endearing smile and infectious chuckle
That set our hearts aflutter :)

Oh, I may have loved another
But still could appreciate your boyish ways.
You brought so much joy and happiness
With an easy, forthright charm.
A rare talent sadly plucked from us too soon.

I hope, I feel, on this your special day,
Youre close to friends who love you, never far away.
So, keep smiling and laughing
With those who love you dear
And remember, your time on earth was special,
The warmth and love still lingers
In this humble little prayer.

Wendy Drinkwater

We are at that time of the year, again, when we remember Mikes
birthday, and wish he was still here to celebrate it.
But he isnt, and our thoughts and prayers turn to those whom he loved
and left behind, his lovely wife and all his wonderful children and

b.October 31st 1936 d. July 1st 1991
By Lynne Coulson

Happy Birthday dear Michael, I look up into the sky
And I can see your star is winking, as you were that kind of a guy.
You loved to have a laugh; you loved to tell a joke.
Your pranks on set were legendary; you were just that sort of bloke.

And yet you had a childhood that can only be described as tough.
Your parents didnt get along; at times things were pretty rough.
For the sensitive boy that we know you were, it hurt to see them fight.
And so you escaped, in your mind, at least, to a place of love and light.

And, finally, you found that place, albeit on a TV screen.
With Pa, and Adam and Hoss, you had a family, the best theres ever been.
And while on that show, the boy grew up, and you began to learn a trade
How to write, direct and produce the shows, the kind you wanted made

So, as much as I mourned your passing, today I will only smile
And raise a glass, to Mike, the man, who went that extra mile
To make the kind of shows that all the family could embrace
And while doing so, it meant I could also gaze on your lovely face.

Happy Birthday Mike
Have fun with Lorne, Dan and Victor, at your Ponderosa in Heaven
Little Joe forever
October 31st 2007

                                                     Remembering Michael
                                                          By Val David

                                Today your birthday ,our special friend
                                a day we remember the joy you brought .
                                from little Joe to Jonathan we watched you mature
                               bringing us wonderful new shows .
                               sadly then along came something you couldnt fight and
you were gone from us but you live on in your films and 
                               tv shows ,to some of us you will always be little Joe and we
                               watch you ride across our screen ,its hard to believe you are
                              no longer Michael we will always remember you with
                              love and smiles and thank you for the happiness you brought
 us ..
                              god bless you and I hope you can see yes we do love you and
                              smile as we remember thee.


                       Tribute to Rose Dortort on behalf of Bonanzabrits 


 I was never fortunate enough to meet Rose Dortort in person, but a to a
of several of the Bonanza lists, on the internt, I heard, time and again,
about this lovely lady and her wonderful sense of humour. It made my heart
glad to hear about her happy life with Mr Dortort and I know how important
family was to them both,something which was reflected in Bonanza, my favourite
of Mr Dortort’s shows.

Not only was Rose, Mr Dortort’s wife, and a loving mother to their children, but
she was also a really good judge when it came to choosing actors. She is
reported as having said to her husband that Michael Landon had the face of an
angel. I will always be grateful to her for saying that, as he got the part on
Bonanza, and ever since the day, when, as a six year old, I first saw the show, I
have been in love with Little Joe.

On behalf of all the members of the Bonanzabrits list, I wish to extend my
heartfelt sympathy to Mr Dortort, their children, the family, and their friends,
who will all be missing her, terribly. However, in time, I hope they will also be
able to remember her with smiles and laughter, as I am sure that is what she
would want.