Set by Lynne



                                                LYNNE’S CHRISTMAS QUIZ-Closed
There was one outright winner and that was Eva, who got full marks, and
two tied for second, Lillian and Lyn, with nine and a half points.
Well done to you all and thank you for your continuing support of my
Little Joe forever

1) In the episode, The Long Night, when Ben asks Adam to take the cheque to
pay their taxes, where does Adam have to go?

Answer: Genoa

2) What carol was the Cartwrights and their guests singing, when
Gabrielle’s grandfather arrived at the Ponderosa?
Answer : O Come All Ye Faithful

3) Which Cartwright played Santa in both of the Bonanza Christmas
Answer: Hoss

4) In the episode, The Tall Stranger, Hoss is keen to marry Margie, but
confesses to his family that he is scared to ask her. When Ben says that he
will ask her, what is Hoss’ reply?

Answer: I dont think shes gonna want ta marry you, Pa


5) In Ponderosa Matador, Joe ends up in the water trough. Name two
other episodes in which he ends up in the same place.

Answers : Ponderosa Birdman, Scapegoat

6) Name two characters that Adam tries to help, even though they are no

Answers :Tom Wilson, Howard Mead, Sam in The Hopefuls, Carl Regan


7) What does Hoss manage to damage in Clementine Hawkins’ house, in
the episode Burma Rarity?
Answer: He breaks the table that Arrys weights are standing on

8) How does Ben propose to solve the problem of who gets the twins, in
the episode Blessed Are They?
Answer: To divide them in two, that is allow one to go to one set of grandparents and one
to the other set, as Solomon suggested in the Bible.

9) In The Dowry, what does Adam say helped Joe win the fight with
Don Ricardo.
Answers: The gloves that he used to slap Don Ricardo on the face.


10) In Springtime, what does Joe say to incurs his father’s wrath?
Answers: He says he is sick of the Ponderosa.